ThinkHub Demo: MultiSite Collaboration

Jim Morris, CTO of T1V, presents a series of demonstrations on ThinkHub, our BYOD multitouch, multiuser collaboration software application. We're kicking off the series by showcasing ThinkHub's newest feature, MultiSite Collaboration.

ThinkHub MultiSite provides organizations with two or more locations the ability to communicate in real time using a shared ThinkHub session. Each location can now interact with the same ThinkHub Canvas and all of its content - images, videos, PDFs, presentations - while collaborating together on projects. Before ThinkHub MultiSite, ThinkHub was developed primarily for collaboration sessions in a single location. Now, ThinkHub MultiSite gives organizations the power to collaborate in real time, regardless of location, for true interaction with team members dispersed around the world.

Collaboration has never been easier - any location that has a ThinkHub Canvas on-site can tap into sessions across the globe. Watch the demo to see how it works.



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