T1V Interactive Walls


T1V's Interactive Walls transform public spaces into more dynamic environments. Deliberately large in size, these touchscreen Walls are designed to leave an impression on not just a handful of people, but an entire audience. The touchscreen can be split into separate active areas - allowing for people to interact collectively or individually. 

Our patented software is designed for multitouch, multiuser, and multiapplication use - enabling multiple people to simultaneously share and operate across the T1V Interactive Platform for more connected, digitalized, and engaging experiences. Each Wall comes with a package of standard software features and applications, with the option to build your own custom software. 


  • Range of sizes: 42" - 171" (frames or wall integration), or ask about our custom sizes
  • HD or UHD 4K
  • Thin, compact design
  • Multitouch, multiuser, multiapplication interface
  • Can be connected to external devices
  • End-to-end solution that includes hardware, software, furniture, installation, and ongoing support


  • T1V_Interactive_Wall_ThinkHub_AARP_.jpg
  • T1V_Cookmedical_Interactive_Wall.jpg
  • T1V_Cowfish_Interactive_Wall_Build-A-Fish.jpg
  • T1V_Interactive_Wall_DIRTT_2.jpg
  • T1V_inTouch_Interactive_Wall.jpg
  • T1V_SAP_Interactive_Wallw_captions.jpg
  • T1V_ATR_photo_Interactive_Wall_runing_OneShop.jpg
  • T1V-Lowes-OneShop-84w_captions.jpg
  • T1V_Touchscreen_Interactive_Wall_AllSteel.jpg
  • T1V_HKS_Interactive_Wall.jpg

Download the T1V Product Guide to Build Your Interactive Experience