Interactive Timeline

Engage. Explore. Visualize.

What Is Interactive Timeline?

Interactive Timeline helps tell your story through historical milestones.

Interactive Timeline

Explore your brand through the past and present.

Tell your brand’s story through the utilization of time and touch-control. Our interactive timeline features photos, videos, and other mixed media to represent your brand.

How Interactive Timeline Works

Create an immersive experience for your audience.

Take a tour of your brand’s history.

Place your content along a numeric timeline scale, and allow users to move along the timeline, learning as they go.

Interactive Timeline

Interactive Timeline Features


Milestone Presentation

Users are able to tap on specific points on the timeline and navigate directly to a particular milestone to learn more information.


Informative Multimedia

Once a point in time is selected, we’re able to take text, images, and videos to personalize your story on the timeline.


Historical Touch Navigation

Content can be placed along a numeric timeline scale, where users can move along the timeline by swiping horizontally across text and images. They can also jump to specific areas or decades within a single tap.



Each timeline comes with multiple touchpoints to support simultaneous interactions happening on different parts of the interactive display.



Our software supports multiple people interacting with the same display at the same time.



Our software allows you to run multiple applications at the same time, on the same shared interactive display.



Select one or several of our Interactive software modules to communicate with your audience. Interactive timeline is also paired well with T1V Collaboration and Active Learning Solutions.


Utilizing Your Assets

If you want to upgrade your forward-facing brand content, you don’t need to change your assets, simply allow us to extend your brand story beyond pen and paper.

Interactive Timeline Use Cases


Executive Briefing Centers










University Alumni Centers


Customer-facing Meeting Rooms


Training centers

Interactive Timeline Benefits

Connect With Your Audience

Our interactive solutions encourage customer engagement and help your brand story resonate with your audience.

  • Communicate with your audience like never before through the power of touch
  • Tell your story brand’s story through movement
  • Unlike competitors, immerse your audience in your brand’s story
  • Let the customer take the wheel and interact with your story in their own way

Showcase Your Creativity

Activate your brand’s story with our interactive displays.

  • Surpass your competitors by showcasing our superior interactive, touch solutions
  • Incorporate your assets with our interactive software for a one-of-a-kind experience
  • Individualize your display with colors, text, images, and more of your choice
  • Create an experience your audience will remember

Connect Anywhere

Touch solutions are sure to showcase your product while captivating and engaging with those around you.

  • Perfect for global offices, demo centers, and briefing centers
  • Assist with a variety of projects
  • Tell your story to your customers through case studies
  • Captures the attention of those around you at events and trade shows

Scalable And Flexible

Select one or several of our software modules to communicate with your audience.

  • Allows multiple users to interact simultaneously
  • Allows multiple touchpoints to support simultaneous interactions happening on different parts of the interactive display
  • Allows you to add or remove content from the timeline at any time
  • Pairs well with T1V Collaboration and Active Learning Solutions