Join T1V, the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, and Root Integration, who will take us through a presentation on creating a Multi-Site, Multi-Canvas active learning environment.

It is rare for a college to be able to roll out a new curriculum, a new educational facility and new cutting-edge technology all at once. But it's an educational trifecta that the Heritage College will soon achieve through the addition of T1V's ThinkHub Connect, an active learning technology solution that will complement the College’s team-based approach to medical education.

ThinkHub Connect is designed to enhance the active learning environment with an expansive feature set including real time student monitoring and feedback, untethered teaching, touch displays and wireless device connectivity for instructors and students.

This webinar will address the following learning objectives:
- Gain insight into who T1V is - our mission, what makes us different
- Understand T1V's core product offering
- Ohio University Presentation:

      • Understand project objectives and process
    • Gain insight into how technology was vetted and selected
    • Understand the use case for ThinkHub MultiSite in active learning

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