Clear Touch Interactive® Partners with T1V to Bring Groundbreaking Interactive Collaboration Solution to the Business Market

Clear Touch Interactive® recently announced that the company will partner with T1V to bring their next generation of interactive panels for business to the market. T1V, a leading innovator in large-scale, interactive software technology designed for today’s collaborative and BYOD work environments, will provide the built-in software for the Clear Touch 7000X panel.

Chorus, powered by T1V is a groundbreaking interactive software that truly delivers collaboration in harmony. Among other features that make the software a good fit for the business technology space, key developments include the ability to keep sensitive information on each user’s laptop as opposed to storing it on the panel, extreme ease of use, open architecture that allows the software to be used with any platform, simplified and streamlined wireless collaboration in a mixed environment, and an intuitive user interface that requires minimal learning time.

“We’ve been aggressively expanding our footprint in the business market since 2012,” said Peter Taylor, Director of Strategic Initiatives at Clear Touch Interactive®. “This software will be responsible for catapulting us into the corporate space, making us the leading choice for companies that value collaboration, flexibility, and security. Chorus, powered by T1V is an exciting, comprehensive technology that will quickly become the backbone of our corporate product.”

Due to popular demand, Clear Touch will also make Chorus powered by T1V available as an option on its 6000U series of panels. The sales and marketing team at T1V is also enthusiastic about this new business development.

“Clear Touch has embraced our interactive software, and we’re excited to work with a company that shares our vision in providing a single solution to outfit a wide range of collaborative needs,” said Adam Loritsch, VP of Sales and Marketing for T1V. “Chorus, powered by T1V will provide meeting participants access to a large interactive Canvas where they can wirelessly share unlimited content and devices, and that will improve meeting experiences for participants both in-room and working remotely.”

Clear Touch Interactive® has enjoyed rapid growth in the education space and believes that the launch of their new 7000X panel for business with Chorus, powered by T1V software will help them make similar strides in the corporate arena.

About Clear Touch Interactive®

With twenty simultaneous points of touch and rapid refresh rates, Clear Touch panels feature a true multi-touch design that fuels collaborative experiences in education, government and business. They are made with HD LED display technology that produces brilliant colors on an anti-glare, anti-friction tempered glass surface, and are available in six sizes ranging from 55 to 86 inches.

Founded in 2012, Clear Touch Interactive®, Inc. is transforming interactive experiences by enabling educational institutions, government agencies and commercial enterprises to interact differently. Clear Touch panels, related accessories and software are designed to not only meet the demands of today’s highly collaborative business and educational environments, but also to provide a truly immersive experience.