Experience the unmatched flexibility of ThinkHub collaboration solutions at InfoComm 2019 with Agile, MultiSite, and xCanvas enhancements

T1V will showcase its ThinkHub global enterprise software running Agile, MultiSite, and xCanvas add-on modules - solutions that provide extended functionality to teams that are running lean-agile teams, that are connecting remote offices for real-time collaboration, and that want a more immersive, flexible collaboration experience, respectively.

T1V is excited to publicly showcase its top three ThinkHub extensions, ThinkHub Agile, ThinkHub MultiSite, and ThinkHub xCanvas. Each of these feature enhancements is available as an add-on to complement T1V’s core ThinkHub collaboration software, and is tailored for specific needs and user outcomes.

Created specifically to meet the dynamic demands of lean-agile teams, ThinkHub Agile includes system of record software integration, so users can import/export ThinkHub Agile sessions with third party software like JIRA and CA Rally. ThinkHub Agile digitally transforms a process for the many organizations who are still using physical sticky notes for big room planning and other agile ceremonies. Now, team members can participate from anywhere in the world, and sessions can be saved and resumed at any time.  

ThinkHub MultiSite provides real-time, room-to-room collaboration for up to 10 office locations at a time. These globally shared sessions can be saved and resumed at anytime, reducing the amount of time required for post-meeting follow-ups and pre-meeting preparation.

“Our deliberate, ‘mix and match’ approach to ThinkHub add-on modules means teams can combine any and all of these feature enhancements depending on their optimal use case,” says Adam Loritsch, T1V EVP of Sales and Marketing. He continues, “We’re excited to show how Agile, MultiSite, and xCanvas provide a level of flexibility to our ThinkHub customers that our competition just cannot match...”

For those teams who are working with large amounts of data and content, and want to visualize their work on a massive, interactive surface that can be arranged in any configuration of displays, ThinkHub xCanvas provides a highly immersive presentation and/or collaboration experience.

Using the free companion AirConnect mobile app, participants can connect to the xCanvas, wirelessly share their device screens, and send content (images, videos, PDFs) to the xCanvas to manipulate and analyze with our full set of Canvas annotation tools. Users can control the entire xCanvas from the convenience of their AirConnect-powered mobile device, and can connect from any network in the world.

ThinkHub xCanvas participants can also use touch gestures to ‘toss’ content from one display to another, or use AirConnect to control placement of content assets from the convenience of their mobile app. Whether in-room or contributing to the conversation from a remote location, all participants have equal access to the same interactive Canvas, with the ability to control and participate as if they are all together in the same room. By leveraging T1V's award winning ThinkHub collaboration technology, ThinkHub xCanvas is high-impact technology at extremely accessible pricing.

xCanvas also features Smart Grids™, which automatically resize content to display as its largest size and resolution once it has been dragged to the Canvas drop zone. This feature is especially useful for side-to-side content comparisons and deep data analysis. xCanvas displays can be touch or non-touch; non-touch displays will be controlled solely via mobile devices.

ThinkHub Agile, ThinkHub MultiSite, and ThinkHub xCanvas enhance the core ThinkHub collaboration solution while meeting specific requirements of the global organization.

T1V invites you to experience ThinkHub Agile, ThinkHub MultiSite, and ThinkHub xCanvas at InfoComm 2019 Booth 3971.