Ways Executive Teams Can Improve Processes And Communication

ThinkHub® multitouch collaboration software is a powerful tool that simplifies communication throughout your organization. With ThinkHub, every team benefits – we’ve created a series around 10 corporate teams to show you how. Over the past few weeks, we’ve shared our tips on how various departments can best use ThinkHub to maximize efficiency. Last week, we saw how your communications team can use ThinkHub to develop and relay communications plans. This week, it’s time we take it to the executive level.

Here are a few ways your executive team will benefit from ThinkHub:

Enhanced Executive Team Communication With Visual Collaboration Technology

One challenge many companies and teams face in this digital age is the variety of available technology. While that can be helpful, it can also lead to some confusion and can be met with a constant learning curve, as every piece of technology is slightly different. When the time comes for your executive team to meet, not only is ThinkHub highly intuitive, meaning anyone can dive into the application, but our software is BYOD-friendly (bring your own device), meaning everyone can connect their own devices, like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more, to the shared collaboration canvas. Additionally, C-level executives can utilize the single panel ThinkHub in private offices to communicate with key stakeholders around the globe, doubling ThinkHub as a powerful and confidential meeting tool when the time comes.

Improve Executive Team Communication Through Interactive Strategic Planning

Executive strategy meetings include the participation of a variety of people, often in various locations. Streamlining executive communication so that every participant is properly included in the meeting can be difficult and hinder the process of the meeting if not done correctly. With ThinkHub, executives are able to host strategic planning meetings that are collaborative, functional, and support participants whether they are in room or remote. Gone are the days of piecing together information for presentations. Now, executive team communication can be taken to the next level, as ThinkHub offers a platform to consolidate information. Anyone can share content to the ThinkHub Canvas, and sessions can be saved and resumed at a later date.

So no matter what time zone your team is operating across, multiple team members can contribute their insight, and nothing gets lost from meeting to meeting. ThinkHub also offers a variety of integrations to complement existing technology, including native videoconferencing integrations with Skype for Business, WebEx, Zoom, and BlueJeans. With ThinkHub executives can consolidate cross-disciplinary teams and presentations for master planning sessions.

Interested in learning more about how we can improve executive team communication efforts and benefit your company as a whole? Download the ThinkHub brochure to start improving workplace collaboration today.

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