How to Enhance Your Marketing Campaigns With Collaboration Technology

ThinkHub® has the power to simplify your everyday tasks, making teamwork easier than ever. We want to make sure every team benefits from our unique collaborative tools, so we’ve created the series, 10 corporate teams that can benefit from ThinkHub.


Previously, we discussed how your operations team can increase efficiency with ThinkHub. Today, we’ll share our tips on how your marketing team can use ThinkHub to enhance campaigns through creativity, collaboration, and teamwork.


Enhance Marketing Teamwork and Strategy


Great marketing campaigns begin with a solid foundation that’s built through brainstorming and ideation sessions. As a vital step in the creation of a marketing campaign, if your team’s strategy sessions are incomplete or ineffective, you are putting the success of your campaign at risk. ThinkHub improves your marketing teamwork during this vital stage by bringing together devices, applications, people, ideas, and content simultaneously, so your team’s brainstorming efforts are effective and fruitful. Regardless of the size of your team or the devices used, ThinkHub’s features allow for marketing process improvements while your team strategizes. Unlike previous collaboration methods, your team can compare messaging and advertisements on different platforms via AirConnect™, ThinkHub’s wireless connection software.


Inspire Your Marketing Team and Increase Creativity


Once your marketing team has laid the groundwork for your next campaign, our unique collaboration tools inspire your marketing team by generating environments that foster creativity and teamwork. The most successful marketing campaigns rely on an intricate mix of strategy and creativity, and you need a system that can support the bandwidth of the necessary environment. Together, your team is able to develop and review multimedia campaigns, maximize their time by communicating ideas through our annotation toolset and sharing software, and work in an environment where everyone is able to collaborate. When your team utilizes ThinkHub, you can be certain that your next marketing campaign will reach its full potential.


Improve Marketing Performance Through Collaboration


Your ability to collaborate is only as strong as the software that supports your team. When it comes to your marketing team, tapping into the strengths of each individual is incredibly important and vital to the success of the campaign. ThinkHub enhances and supports marketing teamwork by bringing everyone on your team together with the same software, regardless of location, for interactive meetings in real-time. Not only can ThinkHub support unlimited content and devices, but it aids in remote collaboration and working sessions so that every member of the team can work together from any corner of the world. ThinkHub can also consolidate creative assets for real-time review and feedback, reducing the time it takes to create content, sending it to other members of your team, waiting for feedback, and adjusting accordingly – a cycle that often results in costly lost time for marketing teams.


Expand Your Marketing Efforts by Supporting Remote Team Members


In today’s industry, marketing teams and those who collaborate with marketing teams are all over the world. Your team’s work cannot be hindered or stunted by proximity. When you incorporate team members from remote locations, ThinkHub is able to support marketing process improvements, regardless of location. Now, your team or client’s location won’t limit their ability to collaborate and participate in the success of your next marketing campaign. ThinkHub’s unique collaborative tools allow your team to share your go-to-market strategy with remote participants using the ThinkHub Canvas. With ThinkHub MultiSite and Videoconferencing for ThinkHub, it’s easy to allow global offices and remote participants to weigh in on important marketing presentations, decisions, and budgets.


Interested in learning more about how we can improve your marketing efforts and benefit your collaboration as a whole? Download the ThinkHub brochure to start improving workplace collaboration today.


Originally posted (01/24/17)


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