How Your Accounting Department Can Increase Efficiency With ThinkHub

In recent weeks, we’ve explored how various corporate teams can benefit from ThinkHub. Recently, we’ve discussed how your operations team can grow, how to improve your marketing campaigns, how your IT department can increase efficiency, and more with ThinkHub. Now, we’re exploring how accounting departments can best utilize ThinkHub’s collaboration abilities to increase efficiency and improve department communication.

Improve Accounting Department Communication

When you think “accounting department,” what do you think of? Spreadsheets and reports. While this is an accurate representation of an accounting department, there’s another crucial aspect that many may not consider – internal communication. Accounting team communication is crucial to the success and workflow of an accounting team. By implementing ThinkHub into your accounting department, you will be able to help your accounting team become more efficient by keeping everyone up to date on metrics. Now, with the highly visual digital Canvas, your department is able to present graphs and metrics in a way that illustrates the task at hand, allowing a deeper understanding of the information and encouraging a more collaborative environment.

How to Manage Your Accounting Team’s Reports

Reporting is key when it comes to the success of an accounting department. Whether your team is comparing reports for trends, sharing reports for collaborative meetings, or developing budgets for your company, your accounting department relies on their ability to visualize reports. ThinkHub makes it easy to present, review, and compare reports to ensure they are accurate. Not only that, our software also allows your team to compare reports side by side and make edits on the fly, develop budgets, plan statements with teams, and disperse plans across different departments and locations within your company. If your accounting team needs to review any plans with remote departments or present plans to remote offices, ThinkHub offers a variety of integrations to complement existing technology, including native videoconferencing integrations with Skype for Business, WebEx, Zoom, and BlueJeans.

Ready to get your accounting department collaborating with ThinkHub? Download the ThinkHub brochure to get started today.

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