How Your Human Resources Team Can Improve Communication

ThinkHub® collaboration software is a powerful tool for engaging employees and increasing communication. From small brainstorming sessions to presentations that span multiple locations, the applications for ThinkHub are virtually unlimited. To help your department key in on how ThinkHub will best serve your team, we’ve created a series on 10 corporate teams that can benefit from ThinkHub.

In the past, we’ve discussed how your operations team can grow, how to improve your marketing campaigns, how your IT department can increase efficiency, and more with ThinkHub. This week, we’ll look at how we can help improve human resources’ efficiency and internal organization.

Encourage Internal Organization and Communication

A better human resources department can mean a lot of things. One way to define this is by creating opportunities for your company to feel unified and your employees to feel as though they are part of a team. Healthy competition doesn’t hurt either. With ThinkHub, your human resources department can host internal competitions that include submitting photos, ideas, and comments about your company and its culture. They can also use the ThinkHub Canvas as a way to elicit employee feedback and create a space where employees can communicate and collaborate with your human resources department in real-time, thus aiding employee retention efforts.

Enhance Human Resources Communication

Keeping your human resources department in-the-know with the latest trends when it comes to holistic communication is key to internal business development. Positive employee recognition is key if you are concerned about organizational development. With our visual collaboration solutions, your human resources department can seamlessly announce upcoming events, achievements, and birthdays to acknowledge employees.

Promote a Unified Company Culture for Increased Recruitment and Retention

Another key way to promote pride within your organization is to continuously showcase where your company has been, what your company is doing now, and where it’s going. In addition to the other responsibilities of your human resources department, harnessing and promoting company culture can often be difficult and intangible. Being able to seamlessly present your company to potential or new employees can help support your hiring process by ensuring you are showcasing your company’s most attractive features to the top candidates.

In an effort to increase retention, ThinkHub can also aid in the onboarding process for new employees and follow them through their entire life cycle at your company, creating an all-encompassing communication line between your employees and your human resources department. With ThinkHub, your human resources department can continuously showcase your company culture, mission, and vision statement for visitors and prospective and current employees alike.

Interested in learning more about how we can improve human resources efforts and benefit your company as a whole? Download the ThinkHub brochure to start improving workplace collaboration today.

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