How Your IT Department Can Increase Efficiency With Collaboration Technology

ThinkHub has the power to simplify your everyday tasks, making teamwork easier than ever. We want to make sure every team benefits from our unique collaborative tools, so we’ve created the series, 10 corporate teams that can benefit from ThinkHub.

Last week, we discussed how to increase the efficiency of your operations team. Today, we’ll focus on how your company can use ThinkHub to improve the efficiency of your IT department via consolidation and collaboration.

Consolidate Hardware and Software Management Systems For Efficiency

In order to have a successful IT department, it is imperative that information for projects can all be found in one easy, accessible location. Regardless of what your IT department is working on, their processes are made easier when their technology is as straightforward and user-friendly as possible. ThinkHub enables your IT department to save time and resources by consolidating hardware and software management systems into one place. This will enhance your product design process by consolidating road maps, progress reports, online content management systems, notes, sketches, and more. You no longer need to waste time searching for information or reaching out to others when reviewing ongoing projects. Instead, everything is accessible from the same platform.

Leverage BYOD Trends to Enhance Collaboration

Nowadays, it is becoming customary for employees to work from their own computer, laptop, and phone, and often times even tablets or other monitors. This can make it extremely difficult to work together on projects, with everyone using various software that runs on different platforms. Take advantage of current BYOD trends in workspaces with ThinkHub, ViewHub, and AirConnect, which allow you to enhance collaboration without forcing employees to transfer between technologies they may not be as comfortable with. This continues to save time and money when onboarding and training employees because they are able to use the devices they are most proficient with in order to access all the information they need to complete a project. There is no longer a need to train them to know how to use the company’s computers or other smart devices, as they can just use their own.

ViewHub also makes it possible to share your project on any screen in the office, no matter the type or size. Whether your IT department is working on something as a team, or working with other members in your company from different departments, the ability to foster collaboration is truly priceless with T1V visual collaboration solutions.

Interested in learning more about how we can improve IT efforts and benefit your company as a whole? Download the ThinkHub brochure to start improving workplace collaboration today.

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