Improve Your Corporate Training Center Tactics With Collaboration

Education is not limited to schools and universities. In fact, educational opportunities and learning environments extend well past schooling. When it comes to training new employees or providing continuing education for current employees, hosting a modern training center is key to any successful business because it allows companies to keep employees in any location as up-to-date as possible on best practices, rules and regulations, and more.

New Employee Onboarding, Corporation Training and Continued Employee Education


Productive and efficient employee training programs are paramount to creating a strong foundation for any business. Bottom line, if your company is hiring new employees, an employee onboarding process needs to be in place. New hire training and employee onboarding procedures need to have a similar baseline for all employees to ensure every employee is on the same page once training is completed. If your company has offices around the country or around the globe, it’s important to ensure employees, regardless of location, are receiving equal opportunities when it comes to training.

Outfitting Corporate Training Centers With Modern Technology


If your employees need to continue educational opportunities within the company or complete quarterly, semi-annual, or yearly training, T1V visual collaboration solutions allow your trainers to teach employees in any location. T1V solutions include interactive, multitouch software that fosters collaborative work and in-depth training scenarios in real-time. Gone are the days of ineffective tests or outdated presentations that don’t encourage employee learning or engagement. From BYOD (bring your own device) capabilities to remote learning, interactive video learning and more, we connect the moving pieces of the education space for powerful and compelling training tactics.


ThinkHub Connect active learning technology supports all teaching and learning styles, which provides opportunities for teachers and students alike to maximize their time together. What’s more, trainees can be located anywhere in the world and have access to your training center via ThinkHub MultiSite - an add-on module to standard ThinkHub and ThinkHub Connect, which extends the collaboration experience to up to 10 locations at a time on a shared session. Or, remote employees can tap into training sessions via their AirConnect app for free - this is available to all ThinkHub and ThinkHub Connect customers, and the AirConnect Access™ tools give remote participants the ability to connect, view, digitally point, and control the ThinkHub session from anywhere in the world. This reduces the amount of time and resources spent traveling and planning for training, and instead puts the focus on the training itself. T1V visual collaboration solutions are also a great way for your company to save money in your everyday workflow. If you want to see just how much you can save, take advantage of our ROI calculator.


Now all employees, regardless of their time with the company, can receive equal training from any location to keep your company moving forward. Want to learn more? See how your corporate training centers can improve with T1V solutions today.