‘Learning Room of the Future’ gets intelligent boost in flexibility and functionality from T1V’s ThinkHub Connect at InfoComm19

ThinkHub Connect active learning technology will be featured in T1V Booth 3971 at InfoComm19. The active learning studio disrupts traditional classroom environments with technology that supports collaboration amongst students and instructors, providing a modernized, flexible approach to teaching and learning.

ThinkHub Connect has experienced incredible traction in higher education, and T1V is excited to unveil its mock active learning studio for InfoComm19 attendees. ThinkHub Connect fosters a variety of teaching and learning styles, and is designed to enhance the learning environment for more advanced, bidirectional communication between instructor and student.

Pairing state-of-the-art ThinkHub Connect active learning software with furniture that can be physically controlled by the technology creates a seamless learning environment with endless configuration options. The ThinkHub Connect solution provides instructors a powerful presentation tool, while enabling them to monitor student activity and provide real-time feedback to student groups. For students, the ability to interact and collaborate at the group level has never been greater.  

“ThinkHub Connect was originally engineered for the higher education classroom, but we are seeing great interest and growth from our corporate partners who are building training rooms, remote learning campuses, and multi-location learning facilities...” says Jim Morris, T1V CTO. He continues, “...because ThinkHub Connect is a software-based solution, we’re able to accomplish more with less hardware, meaning we provide greater scalability and flexibility for our customers than other options on the market…”

ThinkHub Connect features total connectivity, enabling all devices and displays to be interconnected for seamless interaction between instructors and groups. Like all T1V solutions, ThinkHub Connect is Built for BYOD™ - supporting all major platforms including macOS, iOS, Windows, Android, and LInux. ThinkHub Connect is multipurpose - serving instructors as both a presentation or lecture tool, while also giving them the ability to monitor and broadcast student station activity.

For the first time, T1V will demonstrate touch capability at the student station - giving students enhanced collaboration tools that allows them to annotate on their shared device screens, and draft whiteboards to submit to the instructor station. The active learning studio will also feature ThinkHub Docks™ - two displays positioned at the front of the room that give instructors the ability to ‘park’ content for students they wish to reference throughout the lesson.

These many configuration options are true to T1V’s mission to provide incredible flexibility to the customer - so they can design the system they want on the ThinkHub Connect active learning platform.

T1V invites you to experience ThinkHub Connect active learning and ThinkHub collaboration technology - including ThinkHub Agile, ThinkHub MultiSite, and ThinkHub xCanvas - at InfoComm 2019 Booth 3971.