How Library Sciences Can Improve Processes and Collaboration

If you are a librarian, library IT specialist or focused on information resources at your academic institution or community center, chances are you love learning, research, working with the community, and you are tech savvy. A relatively new skill, being tech savvy in the library science world is quickly becoming a talent needed in order to manage mass amounts of information and resources. Luckily, our solutions are able to help librarians and other information science individuals manage content quickly and easily, making their jobs more efficient.

What Are Library Sciences?

Library sciences could involve responsibilities like library management, the collection, organization, and preservation of literature and academic resources, and more. Usually earning a Master’s degree in Library Science, whether you are focused on library science or information resources, your end goal is to not only preserve graphic records but help others locate and learn from them.

Why Collaboration is Necessary for Library Science Practices

Whether you are in an academic or community setting, you likely enjoy working with people and information alike, both of which are more easily managed through collaborative efforts and technology. Collaboration allows library science goals to be reached more quickly, whether they are record management-based, research-based or collection-based. Library and information science usually involves projects that include a wide variety of people, even entire departments at times, and utilizing software that is easy to use, multi-user friendly, and unlimited in terms of information management is key to accomplishing goals in your library science department.

The Best Library Science Tools and Software

Although rooted in paper and bound books, the art of library science and information resource management is moving to comprehensive and detailed online resources. T1V visual collaboration solutions are the perfect addition to your library science department. Library science tools need to be efficient, user-friendly, and work with a variety of devices. Luckily, our solutions, like ThinkHub® or ViewHub™, host an unlimited number of users, are BYOD (bring your own device) friendly, and can even enhance collaboration from remote locations. Whether being used by librarians or those conducting research in the library, T1V solutions enhance collaboration by allowing users to communicate in real-time as they work together on a project or manage resources, regardless of location. Misericordia University recently partnered with us for their campus library in order to facilitate modern learning styles of students who have grown up using technology on a daily basis. To see how our products improved their students’ lives, check it out here.

By adding T1V solutions to your library science and information management systems, your staff and users will be able to collaborate and host, locate, and manage catalogs and resources more efficiently. To learn more about how we can enhance your library sciences department, visit us today!