How To Manage Internal Communications Through Collaboration

If you’re wondering how to create the best communications team, it starts with laying the groundwork for your company’s internal communications. The key to effective communication within your communications team lies in the fact that all parties need to be on the same page. With multiple employees and offices, this is no easy feat. Too often important notes are missed because of sub-par communication channels, or improperly logged meetings.

With ThinkHub, your team can quickly develop internal communications plans, and simultaneously draft, edit, and share working versions of projects with teams around the globe. You can also use the ThinkHub Canvas as a live communication hub for company employees in any office.


In order for your communications team to be as successful as possible, they also need to properly understand competitors and determine how to articulate the outward voice of your company, all while working together to collaboratively build your company’s brand and consistently communicate with customers and potential customers alike. When it’s time for your team to meet for a competitor analysis, utilize ThinkHub’s built-in web browser to research competitive messaging.

Since ThinkHub hosts an unlimited number of users, all members of your team can join and contribute from any office in the world. Your team can also enhance communication and competitor analysis efforts by creating digital mood boards to establish visual messaging. When it comes time to collaborate, your team can draft external communications plans and share working versions with teams around the globe.

Whether team members are located in the same office or remotely, ThinkHub enables everyone to contribute to the shared Thinkhub session with AirConnect Access. AirConnect Access allows participants to connect devices, view progress on the ThinkHub Canvas, and contribute their own content by sharing directly to the ThinkHub display. What’s more, remote participants are also able to download individual pieces of content to their own device. This makes the exchange of files and information amongst communication teams more seamless than ever. While all of this progress is being made, teams can resume and continuously work on their shared ThinkHub Canvas from week to week.

Interested in learning more about how we can improve communications efforts and benefit your company as a whole? Download the ThinkHub brochure to start improving workplace collaboration today.

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