T1V Collaboration Software Featured at ISE 2019

T1V made its exhibitor debut at Integrated Systems Europe 2019 at the RAI Amsterdam - The Netherlands, on February 5-8, 2019. ISE is the world’s largest AV systems integration show, featuring the latest cutting-edge technology, products and solutions being produced for both channel and end-user professionals.

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In years past, T1V supported its partners on the show floor - but the 2019 show kicked off in the T1V booth with all day demos for an international audience.

T1V at ISE 2019 our Booth, Jim and Marco w. VuCanvas, showing demos, with attendees, writing on sketchpad canvas, 02.06.19 (3)

Explore an overview of T1V at ISE 2019, along with product highlights of our full suite of visual collaboration software solutions.

Discover how ThinkHub, ViewHub, and AirConnect BYOD collaboration tools can elevate your meeting and learning experience in Enterprise and Higher Education.

Adam Loritsch, EVP of Sales + Marketing at T1V, explains, “Companies are trying to find a way to have better meetings. They have distributed teams, different offices, different content and all different types of devices: laptops, mobile phones...” He continues, “Our software provides a way to have a better meeting.”

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ThinkHub BYOD collaboration software is easy to use and allows you to walk into a large meeting room or smaller breakout room and connect your devices wirelessly in the same way each time.

Similarly, ViewHub allows you to have the exact same connection experience but doesn’t require a touchscreen.

Watch the video of T1V collaboration software featured at ISE 2019.

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