T1V Announces Unique Active Learning Grant Opportunity for Two Day Experience at Texas A&M University

T1V is excited to offer a unique active learning grant for leaders in higher education. This grant will provide participants the opportunity to visit the Texas A&M University College of Engineering Zachry Complex in College Station, Texas.

The Texas A&M Zachry Complex is one of the most advanced active learning technology deployments in the country with 18, 100-person learning studios and 14, 50-person learning studios. T1V invites participants to experience the Zachry Complex and interact with the team responsible for this state-of-the art learning environment.

Participants will meet with Texas A&M IT/Technology decision makers and Instructors, all while touring the facility and observing the classroom technology in action. They’ll hear from fellow active learning professionals from around the country, and together – participants will experience and reflect on Texas A&M’s classroom technology.

This experience is a $2,000 value, which will be awarded to your College or University. This funding is intended to cover the following:

  • Travel, accommodations, and meals for two people for two days / one night
  • Texas A&M College Station campus tour
  • Group Dinner with T1V and Texas A&M executives
  • Texas A&M Zachry Complex active learning classroom tour + class observation
  • Round Table Experience Exchange with Texas A&M classroom Instructors and Instructional Technology staff (best practices, insights, learnings, and more…)
  • T1V to publish discussion points from Round Table Experience Exchange for all participants

To apply, please visit t1v.com/edugrant.

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