T1V Releases ThinkHub 4.3 Quarterly Software Update, Focuses on Expanded MultiSite and Remote Collaboration Capabilities

T1V announces its quarterly release for ThinkHub collaboration software, which layers in new features and functionality focused on improving ThinkHub MultiSite sessions and remote participation via AirConnect. In addition to ThinkHub UI and AirConnect enhancements (which are available as part of standard ThinkHub), ThinkHub 4.3 includes new add-on options for ThinkHub Dock and native BlueJeans video conferencing integration.  

New to ThinkHub MultiSite is our SMB edition. ThinkHub MultiSite SMB supports real-time, room-to-room collaboration for up to 10 ThinkHub locations on different networks. MultiSite SMB was created for businesses with multiple offices or locations that operate on separate networks. Now, these ThinkHub MultiSite locations can communicate via a T1V cloud server. For those organizations that prefer to keep ThinkHub data on their own network, they still have the option to run ThinkHub MultiSite Enterprise edition within their own network server.

In our last software release, we introduced AirConnect Access – a feature set within the AirConnect mobile companion app that provides remote participants the same ThinkHub controls they would experience if they were in-room. Under AirConnect Access, participants can connect, share, view, control, and virtually point in the digital Canvas. We are now proud to extend AirConnect Access to include ThinkHub Sessions. Users are now able to download and save their ThinkHub session directly to their laptop or mobile device, allowing them to securely carry their ThinkHub session with them and resume the session on a different ThinkHub device without the use of a network or cloud server.

Also in the AirConnect Access Menu, users can tap ‘Download Notes’ to download a CSV text file of all notes shared on the Canvas to their individual device. And now, with AirConnect Access Zoom, remote participants have the ability to pinch/zoom to control their view of the session. All of these enhancements within AirConnect are built to support truly BYOD work environment, along with remotely located, global teams. With ThinkHub 4.3 updates, AirConnect features increased user capacity for remote participants, supporting up to 10 remote participants on standard ThinkHub and ViewHub; up to 50 remote participants on ThinkHub or ViewHub Pro/4K.

ThinkHub’s add-on options continue to expand, as BlueJeans joins the ranks of Skype For Business, WebEx, and Zoom as a natively integrated videoconferencing app in ThinkHub, accessible through ThinkHub’s main navigation.

ThinkHub Dock is another add-on option for ThinkHub available with our 4.3 release. ThinkHub Dock allows ThinkHub users to broadcast or ‘dock’ content on displays mounted around the room. You can dock individual pieces of content (images, videos, shared devices, PDFs, sketches, notes, etc…) or the entire Canvas. All content that is docked will stream in real time – so you can also make annotations, resize, or play live video or device streams.

Please contact your T1V Rep or Dealer for additional details on product pricing and technical specifications.


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