T1V Takes On Exit Strategy

Here at T1V we’re more than just work work work…we know how to have fun, too! A few weeks ago, T1V took on Exit Strategy. We were broken into teams of 6-8 and locked in a room together. The goal? To escape before time runs out. Getting out isn’t easy. Our teams had to solve puzzles, decode locks, and decipher cryptic clues.

For our team, we’re a blend of developers, project managers, engineers, and business minds – so we made it a point to split everyone up so all the teams were made-up from each of these disciplines. Since we’re a pretty competitive group, there was a lot of friendly banter going into this challenge.


As with any competition, there must be a winner – that team has bragging rights until our next foray into Exit Strategy. As a company, we loved this experience. It challenged us to work together, think fast, and threw us into an environment very different from our everyday workspace. All in all, we had a great time and look forward to the next event!

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