T1V ThinkHub 4.4 Introduces ThinkHub xCanvas™, ViewHub Touch™, ThinkHub Cloud Access™, ThinkHub Smart Guides™, Search, and more...

T1V announces the ThinkHub 4.4 software release, which focuses on expanding its core ThinkHub feature offering, while also introducing a new set of add-on modules that can be used to further tailor and customize standard ThinkHub to meet more specific needs in the visual collaboration space.

Driven by customer demand, ThinkHub xCanvas extends the ThinkHub experience beyond a single display to multiple displays dispersed throughout a room. Imagine a room where you have a display on every wall, with the ability to place content anywhere in the room via touch or mobile device. The xCanvas also features snap grids, so once a content asset is dragged to the drop zone, the asset will snap into place at that grid’s largest size and resolution. Displays can be touch or non-touch; non-touch displays will be controlled solely via mobile devices. ThinkHub xCanvas is an add-on upgrade to our standard ThinkHub offering, please ask your T1V sales representative for additional information.

“With every software release, we strive to improve ThinkHub while also delivering exciting new variations and options for our customers…” says VP of Sales and Marketing, Adam Loritsch. He continues, “...Many of these features are driven by customer feedback, while others are imagined by our own sales and development teams. This release is a healthy blend of improvements and innovation, and further differentiates our visual collaboration solutions offering in the marketplace...no one is able to offer this range of collaboration solutions, all driven by a single user experience.”

ViewHub, our BYOD presentation tool, now supports single touch interactions with our enhanced version, ViewHub Touch. Users can annotate, reconfigure the order of screens or app windows shared to the ViewHub Canvas, or open a sketch window. Through AirConnect, ViewHub Touch users have the ability to clear any annotations made on their shared device screen. ViewHub Touch is available at the same price point as our standard ViewHub offering, however touch display hardware is required.

ViewHub Touch™ is also available for ThinkHub Connect™ active learning classrooms, giving Student Stations the added capability of being able to annotate on shared content and create sketches to share to the ThinkHub Instructor Station.

With ThinkHub Cloud Access you can collaborate without the use of a physical ThinkHub device. This cloud-based ThinkHub Canvas is designed to allow users to prep or setup ThinkHub sessions prior to live meetings or presentations from any mobile device or laptop. ThinkHub Cloud Access works with all AirConnect platforms: Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Cloud Access is an add-on upgrade to our standard ThinkHub offering, please ask your T1V sales representative for additional information.

In addition to these add-on options, standard ThinkHub now includes ThinkHub Smart Guides. Smart Guides provide visual cues to indicate size, spacing, and alignment of objects on the Canvas. Also included is ThinkHub Search, which allows users to search the Menu, and includes a built-in calculator so users can quickly enter in simple formulas and see the results. To maximize the user’s active workspace on the digital Canvas, ThinkHub’s Canvas Tray can now be hidden by tapping above the Menu icon.

For additional details on ThinkHub 4.4 and how these updates impact you, please contact your T1V Sales Rep or schedule a demo at www.t1v.com/schedule-a-demo.