T1V ThinkHub 4.5 Introduces ThinkHub Groups™, Language Support, Virtual AV Matrix, and more...

T1V’s ThinkHub 4.5 release offers a variety of new features and add-on modules for its visual collaboration and active learning technology user base. This expanded offering continues to drive the ThinkHub core product forward, while providing even more flexibility to Pro A/V dealers who want to provide their customers a tailored experience.

T1V announces the ThinkHub 4.5 software release, which focuses on expanding its core ThinkHub feature offering, while also introducing a new set of add-on modules that can be used to further tailor and customize standard ThinkHub to meet more specific needs in the visual collaboration space.

ThinkHub Groups™ allows users to create groups and add individual content assets to those groups. Groups can contain notes, sketches, images, videos, browsers, PDFs, or any other content asset shared to the Canvas. Once a group is created, users have the ability to assign a theme, and can control the way the group content is displayed (grid layout, alignment, and more…). ThinkHub Groups are an effective way to manage and organize Canvas content, and help participants to visualize and categorize content in large team planning and brainstorming sessions. What’s more - remote participants using AirConnect can assign their content to a Group as they share notes to the Canvas.

T1V EVP of Sales and Marketing, Adam Loritsch, explains, “ThinkHub Groups is an example of a feature set that was developed for a particular audience - the design thinking and lean-agile organization - but that quickly became in demand for our mainstream user base. Many use cases started unfolding as we demonstrated the technology to our customers, and so this was a feature that we felt could add a lot of value to the core ThinkHub product.” He continues, “nothing excites us more as a company than being able to strengthen our base ThinkHub solution, and to give teams the tools they need to collaborate better.”

Also available in the ThinkHub 4.5 release is Language Support for Simple Chinese. With this update, T1V will be able to support additional languages for its growing global customer base.

ThinkHub Virtual AV Matrix allows users to control an external Audio Video Matrix Switcher. Users now have the ability to simply drag and drop inputs and outputs to establish connections between their hardware throughout the room - this is done within the ThinkHub Menu. This feature further deepens T1V’s commitment to providing software-based solutions that are intuitive and easy to use.

Also included in ThinkHub 4.5 is AirConnect Files™ for Android - users can share files to the Canvas from their Android device, including notes, URLs, and media files. You can also download a PDF of the Canvas or the entire ThinkHub Session to your Android device. For T1V’s VC customers, Video Conferencing in ThinkHub just got an enhancement with our new ‘Video Conference Mode.’ Accessible through the Menu, you can toggle this feature on and off. The feature is designed to maximize the user’s active workspace on the Canvas while running third party video conferencing software like Skype For Business, Zoom, Blue Jeans, and WebEx.

For additional details on ThinkHub 4.5 and how these updates impact you, please contact your T1V Sales Rep or schedule a demo at www.t1v.com/schedule-a-demo.