T1Visions and Neiman Marcus Launch Interactive Retail Tables

Posted by Blair Rubio on January 7, 2015

Today we announce the deployment of three interactive retail tables for Neiman Marcus. The tables are now active in the luxury retailer's Austin, Chicago, and Topanga locations, prominently displayed in each store's shoe salon. 

T1V_NeimanMarcusTable2The retail tables feature a 32” Ultra HD 4K touchscreen, covered by a single continuous pane of glass that is customized in color per Neiman Marcus’ specifications. The touchscreens are powered by T1Visions’ proprietary retail software application, OneShop™. OneShop is an intuitive, powerful software application that allows customers to browse and filter Neiman Marcus’ inventory, which includes items both in-store and out-of-store. Customers can add items to their ‘My Favorites for Wishlist’, which can be emailed with live product links to reference for immediate purchase or for later review. The software also supports a recommendation engine based on search results. For store associates, the table provides them with up-to-the-minute inventory beyond what is available in-store, including what is “coming soon.” The touch tables can also be used as a tool to share with shoppers the latest trends.

The interactive retail table project began as a partnership between T1Visions and the Neiman Marcus Innovation Lab (iLab). “The iLab worked hand in hand with T1Visions to build a solution that marries form and function. The result is easy to use, leverages state of the art technology, and provides clients and associates with unbridled access to product,”  said Scott Emmons, Neiman Marcus Enterprise Architect and iLab Manager.

T1V_NeimanMarcusChicago1T1Visions worked with the iLab to align the project with Neiman Marcus’ high standards and visual brand identity. The interactive retail table was custom designed by T1Visions’ in-house industrial design team, measuring approximately 70” long, 34” tall, and 26” wide. “One of the things that led Neiman Marcus to work with us was our ability to create a very sophisticated product that was not obtrusive, but a more elegant display of technology. We were able to integrate software, hardware, and furniture to create a seamless, complete look,” notes Marco Ventura, Vice President of Business Development at T1Visions. 

“Whether it’s a product in another store location or from our online inventory, our goal is to provide customers with omnichannel access to the best merchandise in the world,” said Wanda Gierhart, CMO, Neiman Marcus Group. “With our touch tables, we deliver another layer of exceptional customer service.”

3._Search_and_FilterThe tables are currently in their first phase of OneShop, with additional updates scheduled to release early this year. Now that the tables have been deployed to the stores, T1Visions and Neiman Marcus will continue to test and refine the software, which can be updated remotely. The long-term vision for the retail table is to conduct transactions, ultimately functioning as an additional point of sale in the store that blends in-store shopping with the online experience.

Want to experience Neiman Marcus' latest retail technology for yourself? Be sure to visit us at NRF's Big Show - we'll be in Booth 703, and we'd love to give you a live demo!


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