ThinkHub xCanvas Demo Video: Non-touch video walls with dedicated in-room control display

Are you looking for an interactive solution for your organization’s collaborative meeting space, showroom, or executive briefing center?

ThinkHub xCanvas, an add-on feature to ThinkHub, extends the ThinkHub experience beyond a single display to multiple displays in a room - or in this case, multiple LED walls!


ThinkHub xCanvas provides incredible flexibility to teams who are working with large amounts of data and content - giving them the ability to visualize their work on a massive, interactive surface that can be arranged in any configuration of displays.

If your existing displays are touch, you can control ThinkHub xCanvas from the displays themselves. But how do you control ThinkHub xCanvas with non-touch displays? One way is to have a dedicated podium with display in the room that allows you to directly control the content on the xCanvas.  

Watch T1V CTO Jim Morris demo ThinkHub xCanvas on non-touch video walls with a dedicated in-room control display here:

For a live demo of ThinkHub xCanvas, visit T1V Booth 3971 at InfoComm 2019 in Orlando, Florida on June 12 -14.

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