Top Reasons to Visit T1V at InfoComm 2019: Series #1

InfoComm 2019 is almost here! There are so many reasons to visit T1V at this year’s InfoComm. Join T1V at InfoComm 2019 in Booth 3971 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida this June 12-14, 2019.

This three-part blog series will highlight the key reasons why visiting the T1V booth for in-person demos is a must do on your InfoComm priority list.

One of the top reasons to visit T1V at InfoComm 2019 is to see the full suite of ThinkHub multitouch, multiuser collaboration software, including its exciting add-on modules that will take your meetings to the next level.

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ThinkHub collaboration software combines the moving pieces of teamwork – devices, applications, people, ideas, and content – revolutionizing your team’s ability to achieve great work as a cohesive group.

Whether you’re giving a presentation or running a brainstorming or strategy session, our collaborative software allows you to engage with your peers and create exceptional work in real-time, all while improving efficiency.

ThinkHub is Built for BYOD™ (bring your own device) to support the many devices, programs, and platforms of today’s meeting environments - including laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

ThinkHub xCanvas, ThinkHub MultiSite and ThinkHub Agile further tailor the collaboration solution for specific needs and user outcomes, and all will be on display in T1V booth 3971. Here’s a sneak peek into each:

ThinkHub xCanvas extends the ThinkHub experience beyond a single display to multiple displays throughout a room. ThinkHub xCanvas allows you to toss content across the room from one display to another with touch gestures or AirConnect Access controls, which are available both in-room and to remote participants on their mobile device.


ThinkHub MultiSite provides real-time, room-to-room collaboration for up to 10 office locations at a time. These globally shared sessions provide an exciting tool to unite remote teams and can even be saved and resumed at any time, reducing the amount of time required for post-meeting follow-ups and pre-meeting preparation.


ThinkHub Agile introduces a specific set of tools created for lean-agile and design thinking teams and organizations. ThinkHub Agile has built-in tools that enable the team to visualize and align content as well as create and group content. In addition, ThinkHub Agile allows access to Web-based content and dashboards, like CA Rally or JIRA.

Don’t miss the ThinkHub add-on modules - ThinkHub xCanvas, ThinkHub MultiSite and ThinkHub Agile at InfoComm 2019! Register for a demo at InfoComm 2019 in T1V booth 3971 and use VIP Code T1V331 to register for a free Exhibit Hall pass.

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