Texas A&M University, College of Engineering

ThinkHub Connect Classrooms

The Zachry Engineering Education Complex at Texas A&M University was looking for cutting-edge tools to support technology enabled active-learning. We partnered with them to create ThinkHub Connect, a hybrid of ThinkHub, ViewHub, and AirConnect technology, all working in tandem to provide instructors a powerful presentation tool, while also enabling them to monitor and provide feedback on student work in real time. Students are able to connect their devices to collaborate on group work that can also be shared with the entire room. ThinkHub Connect has been deployed in a proof of concept room being used to train instructors on how to use the technology and is currently being rolled out to 32 rooms in the Zachry Engineering Education Complex.

Texas A&M University, College of Engineering

Each ThinkHub Connect Active Learning Classroom Includes:

ViewHub Presentation Software

ThinkHub Collaboration Software