Share. Analyze. Create.

What is ViewHub?

The wireless presentation tool that enables users to share and co-create content.


Collaboration relies on the ability to participate.

ViewHub is a wireless presentation tool that enables users to share content from device screens onto a single display for seamless group meetings. Ideal for for presentations, projects, or meetings that require teams to view multiple pieces of content at once, ViewHub keeps you connected and on track.

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How ViewHub Works

Sharing the moving pieces of teamwork with wireless presentation software.

Enhance the quality of your work through total synchronization.

ViewHub allows you to interact from any device, anywhere, via laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Individuals are able to view the same content while also collaborating wirelessly and in real-time. Instead of hovering around an individual screen or switching the view of a shared screen, ViewHub allows you to see everything, all at once. Elevate your collaboration with ViewHub.


Use Cases


Brainstorming and ideation sessions


Remote collaboration and working sessions


Presentation creation and delivery


Data visualization


Strategic planning and data visualization


Project management




Agile improvement processes and iteration

ViewHub Features


Screen Mirroring

Share instantly while collaborating and see what others are seeing through screen mirroring.


Device Flexibility

ViewHub works with the AirConnect app for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux.


Management Organization

ViewHub hosts a Centralized Control Console via T1V CCC, making large-scale rollouts a breeze for AV and IT teams.


Room Control Integration

ViewHub integrates with AV Control Panels.


Multiple Device Streams

ViewHub supports four device streams on 1080p displays or sixteen simultaneous device streams on 4K displays


Application Window Sharing

Choose to share your entire screen, or select a specific window to share (so you can continue working in the background while everyone is focused on your shared content).

ViewHub Benefits


BYOD™ (Bring Your Own Device) Friendly

ViewHub is device friendly. This means your team can tap into the power of ViewHub from any device in the room, running on any platform.

ViewHub is compatible with:

  • Mac OS
  • iOS
  • Windows
  • Android
  • Linux

Multi-Screen Support

Collaboration efforts can’t be contained to just one screen. That’s why ViewHub can support multiple screens at once.

  • Use multiple displays for a seamless presentation
  • Share content with screens in and out of your network
  • Use displays of virtually any screen size
  • Larger, custom sizes are also available

Enhances Collaboration

With ViewHub, collaboration and communication are taken to the next level through sharing.

  • Shares content immediately
  • Keeps everyone on the same page
  • Supports four device streams at 30fps on 1080p displays
  • Supports sixteen simultaneous device streams at 30fps on 4K displays

Scalable And Flexible

Whether you’re sharing with a small team of four to six people, or you need to expand ViewHub for a large presentation, ViewHub is highly scalable.

  • Works with a team of any size
  • Scales instantly for immediate sharing
  • Adapts based on the needs of those using it for collaboration
  • Allows you to effectively share in your space

How is ViewHub Different?

Seamlessly integrate your work and your team like never before. ViewHub stands alone against other collaboration softwares.


Universally Remote

ViewHub allows any team in any part of the world to remotely view, share, and virtually point in real-time from any office, workspace, huddle room, conference room, regardless of location, network, or device, even mobile.


Built for BYOD™ (Bring Your Own Device)

ViewHub is platform-agnostic, supporting mobile device connectivity across macOS, iOS, Windows, Android, and Linux.


Seamless Future Integrations

Whether you’re using ViewHub as a wireless presentation software today, or thinking of upgrading to ThinkHub collaboration software tomorrow, all T1V collaboration products utilize the same AirConnect application. This means that we offer an intuitive, single-user experience across a range of collaboration solutions. Regardless of the room size or display type, we have a solutions that can easily grow to fit your needs.


Intuitive and Easy-to-Use

ViewHub is an interactive, flexible software that is based on the needs of those using it for collaboration. With little to zero training required, ViewHub provides a seamless, interactive experience for any collaboration scenario.