Frequently Asked Questions

T1V’s Software License and Support Agreement includes the following:
● Annual use of T1V Software License
● 24/7 Remote Monitoring
● Quarterly updates and free upgrades to Licensed Software
● Licensed Software bug fixes
● Telephone support 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM EST Monday – Sunday
● Telephone and email support available after hours by request
What Is ThinkHub™?
ThinkHub is a visual collaboration tool designed to help you ideate, collaborate, and innovate. By consolidating all the moving pieces of a brainstorming session, ThinkHub works with the same devices, content and software that you already use – meaning almost zero set-up time to initiate ThinkHub sessions, and more efficient and productive meetings with your peers.
How does ThinkHub™ work?
ThinkHub is a large, interactive interface that houses all of the content and devices that teams work with. Just like your tablet or smartphone, you use touch gestures to navigate the digital Canvas and annotate on shared content and devices. When you’re done with a session, you can save and resume the session at a later date, or you can email your session to the entire team.
How many devices can I connect to ThinkHub™?
Using AirConnect, you can connect and share an unlimited number of devices to ThinkHub. Connected devices appear in the bottom right device menu on the ThinkHub Canvas, and can be dragged and dropped to the ThinkHub Canvas, where they will display as live feeds. Users can then pinch-zoom, annotate, and even TouchControl™ connected devices.
What types of devices can I connect to ThinkHub™?
You will use AirConnect to connect devices to ThinkHub (please refer to the AirConnect section for more details). AirConnect supports iOS, mac OS, Windows, Linux, and Android.
What is the ThinkHub™ Canvas?
The ThinkHub Canvas is the digital backdrop for your ThinkHub sessions, and can expand up to 20 times the surface area of the physical touchscreen. Use touch gestures to navigate the Canvas, like pinch-zoom, swipe, and pan. The Canvas functions as a giant digital whiteboard, with the added benefit of supporting unlimited content and devices that users can share to the Canvas. You can select different background color options, and choose to turn gridlines on and off.
What screen size can I use to run ThinkHub™?
ThinkHub supports a wide range of touchscreen display sizes – whether running on a single panel display (1080p or 4K – 55”, 65”, 70”, 75”, 80”, 85”, 98”) all the way up to large, multipanel video walls.
What types of files can I show on the ThinkHub™ Canvas?
You can show just about anything on the ThinkHub Canvas…

With a USB drive or connection to your network drive, you can share images, videos, and PDFs.

Using the built-in Web Browser, you can access and show web-based files from Google Drive, Evernote, DropBox, and more…

With AirConnect, you can show any 3rd party applications running on your device – like AutoCAD, SmartDraw, Visio, 3D Renderings, and more…

What applications can I run on ThinkHub™?
ThinkHub has a built-in set of applications that are standard on all ThinkHub versions, including the interactive Canvas (whiteboarding), Note, Sketch, and Web Browser.

Through the ThinkHub Web Browser, you can access and run any web-based applications, like Google Drive, DropBox, Evernote, Basecamp, Slack, and more…

In addition to these built-in apps, there are several integrations that ThinkHub supports, including Skype For Business, WebEx, and Zoom. If you work with applications like AutoCAD, Visio, 3D Renderings, and more, you can always run these applications on your device and mirror your device to the ThinkHub Canvas for group interaction.

If there is a specific application you would like to see natively integrated into ThinkHub, please contact your T1V Rep or let us know at hello@t1v.com.

What videoconferencing systems work with ThinkHub™?
ThinkHub supports a range of options when it comes to videoconferencing, all designed to support the systems you have in place.

ThinkHub can work with hardware-based, in-room videoconferencing systems like Polycom and Cisco

ThinkHub also offers native integrations with soft codec videoconferencing applications, like Skype For Business, WebEx, and Zoom.

If there is a specific application you would like to see natively integrated into ThinkHub, please contact your T1V Rep or let us know at hello@t1v.com.

Does ThinkHub™ come with videconferencing?
Currently, ThinkHub videoconferencing is an Add-On module that is available by request. Please contact your T1V Rep for pricing.
Is videconferencing included with ThinkHub™?
Currently, ThinkHub videoconferencing is an Add-On module that is available by request. Please contact your T1V Rep for pricing.
Does ThinkHub™ come with AirConnect™?
Yes, AirConnect is available as a free download to all ThinkHub users (ViewHub users, too!).
Can I get whiteboarding with ThinkHub™?
Yes, the whiteboarding feature is standard with ThinkHub – this is available through the ThinkHub Canvas. You have the option to change the background of the ThinkHub Canvas from default to a set of options offered in the main navigation. If you are after a truly ‘whiteboard’ look, select the whiteboard option on your background settings.
Does ThinkHub™ come with a stylus?
Depending on which touch display hardware you are running ThinkHub on, T1V can provide a stylus to you (we just need to know whether your touch display is qualified to work with our stylus or not).

When ThinkHub is in annotation mode, you can use just about any stylus pen to annotate on the Canvas or within a content window. (We don’t have a specific stylus that we recommend.)

Note: if you are using a projective capacitive touch display (otherwise known as PCAP), you will want to opt for a capacitive touch stylus. If you are using an optical or infrared display, any stylus will work.

Is a stylus required to use ThinkHub™?
No, you can opt to use your finger to touch and control the Canvas, or you can use a stylus – whichever you prefer.
Does ThinkHub™ have to be online to work?
ThinkHub does not have to be online to work, but certain features within ThinkHub do require an internet connection, like Web Browser, calendar integration (your ability to see meetings scheduled on the ThinkHub diplay’s idle screen), automatic software updates, the ability to use any app integrations (like Skype For Business or WebEx), and remote support from the T1V Support team. Additionally, you’d lose access to AirConnect World Mode, meaning no remote participants could join the session.

You can, however, use AirConnect Direct Mode to share devices to ThinkHub if you are on the same subnet as ThinkHub, even if there is no connection to the internet.

How do I update my ThinkHub™?
T1V releases quarterly ThinkHub software updates. To update your software, simply contact T1V Support at support@t1v.com to let them know you would like the latest software release. They can push the update at night, ensuring that your ThinkHub rooms run uninterrupted during working hours.
How often is ThinkHub™ updated?
ThinkHub software is updated every quarter. These releases are free and available to all ThinkHub customers.
Does ThinkHub™ offer ADA support?
Yes, ThinkHub is designed to support ADA (American Disability Act) specifications. As such, ThinkHub can run audio for the visually impaired to help them navigate the interface. This is a configuration that is available upon request.
How many people can use ThinkHub™ at the same time?
ThinkHub is a multitouch, multiuser application. By design, ThinkHub can support unlimited users. However, depending on how many touchpoints are supported by your touch display, you may run into some constraints. We recommend at least 12 touchpoints.
Can I prepare ThinkHub™ sessions in advance, from my laptop or tablet?
Yes – using AirConnect Access™, you can access, control, and add content to ThinkHub sessions from your personal devices. To prepare sessions in advance, you’ll need the ThinkHub AirConnect Key and Password – and then you can create and save sessions, which you can open on the ThinkHub Canvas when ready.
Can I view ThinkHub™ sessions remotely?
Yes – using AirConnect, you can view ThinkHub sessions from anywhere in the world, even if you are on a different network.
If I have two ThinkHubs, can they talk to each other?
Yes – this is a feature called ThinkHub MultiSite, which enables real time, canvas-to-canvas communication. Anything that appears or happens on one Canvas will be mirrored on the other MultiSite Canvas.

Currently, ThinkHub MultiSite supports up to 10 locations for remote collaboration sessions.

ThinkHub MultiSite is an add-on module. Please contact your T1V Rep for pricing.

How many ThinkHubs can communicate with one another?
Currently, ThinkHub MultiSite supports up to 10 locations for remote collaboration sessions.

ThinkHub MultiSite is an add-on module. Please contact your T1V Rep for pricing.

Can I control my device from ThinkHub™?
Yes, this is a feature we call TouchControl™. TouchControl is a feature within AirConnect that allows you to control your connected device from the ThinkHub Canvas. This is particularly useful to advance slides in a presentation, make edits to documents in a working session, or access 3rd party applications running on your device, like AutoCAD.
Can I post notes on ThinkHub™ directly from my laptop?
Yes – using the AirConnect app, you can send notes that you type from the convenience of your personal device directly to the ThinkHub Canvas.
Can I send files to ThinkHub™ from my device?
Yes – using the AirConnect app, you can send files, including Notes, URLs, and media files, from your personal device directly to the ThinkHub Canvas to share with your team. Team members can then download, email, or print those shared files from the Canvas. This is a great way to share files amongst teams.
Can I download files from ThinkHub™ to my laptop?
Yes – using the AirConnect app, you can download files to your laptop from the ThinkHub Canvas. You can also download the entire ThinkHub session, too.
How many devices can connect to ViewHub™ at the same time?
An unlimited number of devices can connect to ViewHub at the same time…HOWEVER depending on your display hardware, ViewHub supports a different number of devices that can be mirrored at the same time:

1080p: up to four devices can be shared at a time

4K: up to 16 devices can be shared at a time

Can I control how many devices are on the screen from my laptop?
Yes – using AirConnect, users can control their device connection, opting to share or disconnect their devices.
Is ViewHub™ a touchscreen?
No – ViewHub is a non-touch wireless presentation solution. For a touch solution, please reference our ThinkHub collaboration software.
What display does ViewHub™ work with?
ThinkHub works with any display, all that is required is an HDMI connection between the ViewHub device and the display.
Do I have to be in the same room to connect?
No – AirConnect allows you to connect to ThinkHub or ViewHub regardless of your location. AirConnect supports remote participants on the same network or any network around the world (even a mobile network, if you’re on the move!).
How much does AirConnect cost?
AirConnect is free to all ThinkHub and ViewHub users. This even includes site visitors or guests who would like to share content.
How do I get AirConnect updates?
AirConnect is updated frequently – when you open the AirConnect app, you’ll receive a notification when an update is available. You can choose to update at that moment, or AirConnect will automatically update itself once the app is closed and reopened.
What device do I need to run AirConnect?
AirConnect runs on laptops, tablets, and smartphones across iOS, mac OS, Windows, Android, and Linux operating systems.
How much space does AirConnect take on my phone? On my computer?
AirConnect requires about 150MB on your computer; about 50MB for iOS.
Do I need administrator privileges to run AirConnect?
No – AirConnect is available to all users.
Do I need to be on the same network to connect to ThinkHub/ViewHub?
No – using AirConnect, you can use any network to connect to ThinkHub or ViewHub devices. AirConnect supports two network modes – Direct Mode (when your device and the ThinkHub/ViewHub device are on the same network) and World Mode (when your device and the ThinkHub/ViewHub device are on different networks).
Can I connect to two different ThinkHubs at the same time?
No – you can only connect to one ThinkHub at a time. If you are in a ThinkHub MultiSite session, however, your device will be mirrored to all connected ThinkHubs.
Can I share only a window instead of my full screen?
Yes – in AirConnect, you have the option to share your entire device screen, or just select a single window to share. This means you can multitask in the background as needed.
Can I share audio from my device to ThinkHub / ViewHub?
Yes – using AirConnect, you can install audio support so that audio plays through the ThinkHub / ViewHub device instead of your own. Currently audio is supported across mac OS, Windows, and iOS (Direct Mode only).