T1V interactive technology is ideal for several food service environments – sports bars, fast casual restaurants, QSRs, full service hotel restaurants, family restaurants– the applications are endless. T1V interactive technology brings customer engagement and satisfaction to a whole new level. Guests can eat, connect, and play using an intuitive, multitouch user interface. 

Some of T1V's popular hospitality products include:



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  • The Cowfish Orlando at Universal CityWalk features a virtual fish tank on digital screens that arch up and out over top of the central bar area. Customers sitting at the bar can use the Build-A-Fish app running on the bar touchscreens to customize their own fish and send to the virtual fishtank, where the fish will swim all over the restaurant.

  • The Cowfish Orlando at Universal CityWalk features a 3-Panel Interactive Wall with T1V's Build-A-Fish multitouch software, where customers can create their own custom fish and send to the virtual fish tank featured on digital signage throughout the restaurant.

  • Usain Bolt's Tracks and Records restaurants feature multitouch, multiuser touchscreen tables with accompanying Media Screens to share content amongst the group.

  • Usain Bolt'sTracks and Records restaurant features several interactive restaurant booths with integrated touchscreens and accompanying Media Screen. For the hospitality environment, our restaurant touchscreen tables are highly durable to withstand a lot of use.

  • The Cowfish Orlando at Universal CityWalk features Interactive Touchscreen Tables integrated into the bar, a virtual fish tank, and the QVue™ Waitlist App for customers to join from their mobile device.

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