There is a reason that simple video calls are draining to us - but why?

T1V takes a deep dive into the science behind the pandemic-era phenomenon of Zoom fatigue and explores how visual collaboration helps combat this exhausting problem for organizations across the enterprise.

With hybrid meetings and work-from-anywhere life here to stay - even with the return to work - learn why it is so important to incorporate interactive meetings into hybrid collaboration workflows.

Webinar Learning objectives:
    • Discover new research on video conferencing fatigue and the scientific and
           psychological factors that cause this
  • Understand why video conferencing is not enough to support hybrid team
  • Experience live demonstrations of ThinkHub - the visual collaboration platform that
         supports engaging meetings for in-room and remote participants with real-time
         advanced content sharing
  • Explore how interactive participation is vital to effective meetings to improve
         communication and workflow efficiency for all types of teams - from Sales and
         Marketing to Operations and more...

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