T1V Multitouch Software


T1V's patented software is designed for multitouch, multiuser, and multiapplication use - enabling multiple people to simultaneously share and operate across the T1V Interactive Platform for more connected, digitalized, and engaging experiences.

All T1V Interactive touchscreen Tables and Walls come with a package of standard software features and applications, with the option to build your own custom software. 


Multitouch, multiuser, multiapplication
Multiple users can connect, collaborate, and interact collectively or individually on a shared touchscreen. Simultaneously operate within different T1V applications on a shared T1V Interactive Wall or Interactive Table.

Customizable Skins
T1V provides graphic design customization that includes content, logos, and corporate identity elements approved by you and your marketing team for a fully branded interface.

Interactive Menu
Tailor your menu structure and navigation based on your content.

T1V Toss
Toss digital content from one T1V interactive device to another to create a fully immersive, connected environment for your audience. 

Tracking + Analytics
All user input is captured, allowing for detailed reporting. Monitor and track key activity ranging from number of touches, unique customer interactions, dwell time, content views, and more. 


Interactive collaboration software for enterprise and higher education. Facilitate effective ideation and collaboration sessions, drive brand and product education, and create more dynamic meeting environments with ThinkHub collaboration software. 

Primary features and benefits:

  • ThinkHub Canvas | expands up to 20 times the surface area of the physical touchscreen
  • Unlimited | wireless device sharing across Mac, Windows, Android, and Linux devices
  • Annotation Tool | annotate anything on the Canvas: images, videos, live streams, and more
  • Built-In Apps | Web Browser, Notes, Sketches
  • Configurable | single panel and multipanel options
  • MultiSite | available for remote collaboration in multiple locations

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The BYOD presentation hub enables users to share content wirelessly from device screens onto a shared display for seamless group meetings. There are multiple configurations available based on your needs. Click here to learn more.

Live Data
Data feeds with content updates can be incorporated into the user interface such a stock quotes, weather information, flight details, company news updates, or other data available from a web service.

Provide visitors a custom survey to capture valuable insights.

Media Viewer
Categorize and display images and videos in touch-friendly galleries for visitors to flip through via touchscreen gestures. Multiple users can view, move, pinch-zoom, and rotate content. Content can be hosted locally or uploaded to the Table or Wall via USB flash drive.

Presentation Viewer
Marketing literature and presentations can be hosted locally or uploaded to the device on-site via USB flash drive to view, present, and annotate. Annotated slides can be saved to a USB drive or emailed directly from the device.

T1V Interactive Timeline
Tell your brand's story with a large-scale, interactive timeline that features photos, videos, and other mixed media to represent your brand. Content can be placed along a numeric timeline scale, where users can move along the timeline by swiping horizontally across text and images. They can also tap on specific points on the timeline and navigate directly to a particular milestone.

T1V Interactive Map
A custom, geographic map with color-coded pins representing different categories. Pins can be filtered by tapping a legend on the map. Tapping directly on a pin brings up information such as scrollable text, images, or videos. A pinch-zoom gesture evokes an animated magnifying glass that can be moved anywhere on the map that allows users to zoom into a chosen area.

Web Browser
A touch-based web browser that allows multiple users to simultaneously access the Internet.

Simple touch-based games for enjoyment and entertainment. Customize your games to include your brand elements for more meaningful interactions.

Capture photos and activity with the Web Cam accessory and share via email or social media.

An interactive visual aid guiding your customers to the products or services they came for. Customers can plot their path on the touchscreen and sync with their mobile device for a seamless navigational experience.

Twitter or Instagram Fall
Experience Twitter and/or Instagram in real-time and in larger-format. Customize feeds with specific hashtags and keywords based on location, event, and/or audience.


Semi-custom Software Applications
Work with us to develop custom applications targeted to your audience. This includes the development of unique software modules or integration with additional software and hardware.

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