Public Venues


T1V offers several interactive solutions ideal for public venues – shopping malls, museums, convention centers, theme parks – the applications are endless. Whether you're looking for a way to entertain visitors while they are waiting, inform them of the local area, or help them find their way around your venue, our interactive solutions can help. Visitors can explore, interact, and learn using an intuitive, multitouch multiuser interface, or relax and enjoy an array of stunning digital displays. 

Some of T1V's popular products for public venues include:

  • Interactive Walls
  • Digital Signage
  • DirectMe™ Application
  • T1V Multitouch Software
    • Multiuser Games
    • Build-A-Fish
    • Multimedia Trivia
    • Twitter or Instagram Fall
    • Snapshots
    • Survey


  • T1V's DirectMe Way Finding Application for Taubman
    Interactive Touchscreen Wall at Taubman Mall featuring DirectMe: an interactive visual aid guiding your customers to the products or services they came for. Customers can plot their path on the touchscreen and sync with their mobile device for a seamless navigational experience.
  • T1V Reservation Kiosk
    Our reservation kiosks at Universal Studios allow visitors to make reservations at major CityWalk restaurants.

Download the T1V Product Guide to Build Your Interactive Experience