Over the last year, we’ve experienced a huge surge in teams working from home. As organizations hustled to equip their remote teams with the right collaboration tools during the global pandemic, the search ended as soon as they standardized on a video conferencing solution.

For some meetings, video conferencing is all you need to connect with your teams. But for a lot of other meetings, video conferencing is not enough...that’s where visual collaboration comes in.

In this webinar we’ll define what visual collaboration means...and what features to look for in your visual collaboration solution.

Visual collaboration will become increasingly important as teams shift to hybrid models, where they support both in-room and remote participants. How is your organization supporting this new work model?

Webinar Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how to define and specify visual collaboration versus video conferencing
  • Explore visual collaboration use cases for conference rooms, command and control
         centers, innovation labs, huddle spaces, meeting rooms, executive briefing centers,
         work from anywhere (WFA) hybrid spaces and executive home offices
  • Experience live demonstrations of the T1V collaboration platform: ThinkHub,
         ThinkHub MultiSite, and HubVC

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