Ideate. Collaborate. Innovate.

What is ThinkHub?

The interactive, multitouch software that fosters collaborative work in real-time.


Your ability to collaborate is only as strong as the software that supports you.

ThinkHub is an interactive, multitouch tool that unifies the moving pieces of collaborative work in real-time. Our proprietary, revolutionary software combines every aspect of collaboration that is critical to your company’s progress, and offers it in one solution. Discover the powerful interactive collaboration software that is transforming the way people communicate.

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How ThinkHub Works

Consolidating all the moving pieces of teamwork.

Enhance your quality of work by changing the way you work together.

By consolidating the moving pieces of teamwork – devices, applications, people, ideas, and content – ThinkHub revolutionizes your ability to achieve great work, together. Whether you’re giving a presentation, running a brainstorming session, strategizing, and more, our wireless collaborative software allows you to engage with your peers and cultivate exceptional work in real-time, while saving time.


Use Cases


Brainstorming and ideation sessions


Remote collaboration and working sessions


Presentation creation and delivery


Interactive video conferencing


Strategic planning and data visualization


Project management




Agile improvement processes and iteration

ThinkHub Features


Digital Canvas

Forget simply sharing files, using one screen at a time, or fumbling with external hardware to get your group all on one page. The ThinkHub Canvas is equipped for multiuser, multitouch control and can expand 20x the surface area of the physical touchscreen.


Unlimited Content and Devices

No matter the physical size of the meeting or its agenda, there is no limit to the amount of content or number of devices that can be shared to the ThinkHub Canvas. At any point, users are able to share and upload content on the fly and actively engage with files on the canvas through multitouch controls.


Annotation Toolset

ThinkHub comes with the annotation toolset, which allows you to draw, erase, snapshot, email, or print any content shared to the ThinkHub Canvas. The annotation toolset is available for all content shared to the Canvas – images, videos, PDFs, devices, notes, sketches, and web browser windows.



How you organize your collaboration is up to you. For visual learners, the ThinkHub Sketch tool allows you to sketch freehand on the Canvas. You can adjust the pen’s color and weight to keep everyone’s thoughts organized.



When it’s time to jot those ideas down, access ThinkHub Notes. With our multitouch software, tap to type thoughts, ideas, and comments at any time. You’re also able to categorize content and information as you go through color-coding and drag-and-drop features. Enjoy the option to send notes to the Canvas from your Airconnect-enabled device, too.


Multitouch Web Browser

With ThinkHub, you’re able to access any web content while you collaborate with the tap of a finger. ThinkHub also allows you to open multiple browser windows at the same time with access to the full annotation toolset so you can continue to work and collaborate.


Remote Collaboration

There is no limit to where you can collaborate and work together with your peers. Through our network modes, you’re able to connect with ThinkHub sessions and participants around the globe. While collaborating, all users will have full access to the annotation toolset and other interactive features.


Hardware Agnostic

Our software is compatible with most major touch-display brands. Whether they are single-panel or multi-panel configurations, our solutions are designed to fit your needs. We also offer All-in-One solutions that integrate our software with qualified touchscreen displays – ask your T1V Rep for additional information on our AIO line.

ThinkHub Benefits

Scales with Ease

Whether you’re strategizing with a small team of four to six people, or you need to expand ThinkHub for a large presentation of 50 people or more, the devices and toolsets built into ThinkHub are highly scalable.

  • Works with teams of any size, from small groups up to large departments.
  • No cap on the number of people who can join and participate in sessions, whether in-room or remote.
  • Software is flexible based on organizational needs.
  • ThinkHub can be deployed as a single room solution or support mass rollouts across entire campuses.
  • Licensing tied to the device, allowing an unlimited number of users.

Flexible For Any Scenario

ThinkHub isn’t just for a conference room. The beauty of our software is that it can aid in collaboration wherever you need assistance. Below are just a few places you can use ThinkHub.

  • Classrooms, Boardrooms, and Corporate Offices
  • Design Centers, Innovation Labs, and Demo Centers
  • Medical Offices, Operating Rooms, and Community Spaces
  • Libraries, Huddle Spaces, and Research Centers
  • Executive Briefing Centers, Customer Briefing Centers

Built-in Collaboration Toolset

Everyone thinks and works differently, and because of that, ThinkHub is designed to aid every form of collaboration with its robust set of tools.

  • The annotation toolset allows you to draw on individual pieces of content – images, videos, device feeds, and web browser content – or draw on the Canvas itself. Snapshot, email, or print content with annotations.
  • The Notes feature allows you to capture and categorize ideas.
  • The Sketches feature allows you to draw freehand or with a stylus on the Canvas.
  • The Multitouch Web Browser allows you to access as many websites and web-based content with the ability to annotate as needed.

Improves Efficiency and Productivity

Did you know that studies indicate that the average employee saves 81 minutes per week using his or her own device? Through its ability to wirelessly share, engage, and collaborate with any number of users, ThinkHub is here to strengthen that statistic.

  • Reduce total meeting time by making it easier to setup and follow-up after collaboration sessions.
  • Improve collaborative workflow between cross-functional teams.
  • Connect and share content seamlessly using AirConnect technology, reduce meeting disruptions.
  • Our multitouch, interactive software allows every member of the team to work together.
  • ThinkHub brings your team to their end goal more quickly and efficiently.
  • If you need to take a break, ThinkHub also saves sessions so you can resume collaboration at a later date.

Software As A Service

ThinkHub has an annual license and support fee. ThinkHub does not charge per user; licenses are available by ThinkHub device.

  • ThinkHub does not charge per user – allowing you to scale your ThinkHub solution with your business
  • ThinkHub offers a range of storage options like local, embedded hard drive, enterprise network, and the cloud
  • Software is compatible with top touchscreen manufacturers
  • Quarterly software updates mean your solution continues to evolve after deployment
  • T1V support comes with all solutions

ThinkHub Add-Ons

ThinkHub Multisite

ThinkHub MultiSite is for remote collaboration sessions from ThinkHub device to ThinkHub device in real-time.

Features / Benefits

  • Shared network folders and content
  • Any site can utilize any display configuration
  • Two MultiSite network options – Enterprise and SMB
  • Supports up to 10 ThinkHub MultiSite locations at a time

ThinkHub Videoconferencing

Videoconferencing for ThinkHub is designed to work with the systems you already have in place.

Features / Benefits

  • Compatible with all hardware based in-room video conferencing equipment, such as Cisco or Polycom
  • Integrations with WebEx, Skype For Business, Zoom, and other web-based systems by request
  • One-time setup and configuration fee
  • Videoconferencing Add-On is available for ThinkHub and ThinkHub MultiSite

Additional Options

We are able to dynamically configure workspaces and customize them for multiple uses. There are a variety of additional options available upon request.

Features / Benefits

  • Cloud-based storage or Hardline inputs
  • ADA support and Multilingual capabilities
  • Crestron/AMX room control configuration