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More than your average smartboard, the ThinkHub Canvas expands up to 20 times the surface area of the physical touchscreen. Enjoy the ability to write directly on the Canvas, and pinch and zoom to visualize process flows or connect different ideas in your group session.


ThinkHub users can drag and drop media files onto the Canvas to view, annotate, pinch and zoom, and move around or group together. Supported content includes photos, videos, PDFs, and PPTs - which can be uploaded via USB, shared via MOD Mode, or accessed via Web Browser. The Media panel will display content that is available to share.


Tap and hold anywhere on the Canvas to unlock your user tools. Create a new Jot, edit and annotate content, switch device views, save and export the Canvas, or create a whole new Canvas.


The ThinkHub Web Browser is optimized for multitouch, multiuser group use. Drag the Web Browser onto the Canvas to move, pinch and zoom, annotate, and tag web-based content.


Jots are Notes and Sketches created within ThinkHub. These are quick ideas that can be jotted onto the Canvas by creating a new Note or hand-drawn sketch via the Menu. Jots can float freely on the Canvas or be tagged to individual pieces or groups of content. Notes can be color-coded based on topic or category to help in organizing thoughts or ideas.


Mirror Own Device (MOD) Mode enables users to share their individual device screen to the ThinkHub Canvas in real time. ThinkHub is BYOD-friendly, meaning anyone can tap into the application from the device that s/he uses the most. ThinkHub supports laptops and mobile devices running iOS and Windows. Once content is shared to the Canvas, users can move, pinch and zoom, annotate, and tag with Jots. Multiple users can operate in MOD Mode simultaneously - making this a great tool to share existing ideas with the group.

Introducing ThinkHub MultiSite
Tap into collaboration sessions within your entire organization - no matter your location. Engage remote location participants with a shared interactive ThinkHub Canvas - fostering real-time collaboration that connects teams across the globe.

Watch the Demo Video to see how it works.


ThinkHub is a multiuser software application designed to help teams to ideate, visualize, and problem solve. ThinkHub is BYOD-friendly - meaning your team can tap into the power of ThinkHub from any device in the room (laptops, tablets, smart phones, you name it...).

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By consolidating all information on a large-format touchscreen, ThinkHub transforms traditional meetings into more proactive, effective sessions that drive conversations, positively impact performance levels, and that physically alter the workspace. You and your team can share content to ThinkHub via USB drive or by sharing your device screen. So instead of hovering around an individual screen or switching the view of a shared screen, ThinkHub allows you to see everything, all at once. We've streamlined the brainstorming process, so you can focus on the big picture: fostering innovation for your people.
Unlimited. There is no cap on the number of devices you and your team can share to the ThinkHub Canvas.
We refer to the ThinkHub touch interface as the Canvas. More than your average smartboard, the Canvas expands to up to 20 times the surface area of the physical touchscreen - allowing you to get more out of your space, while consolidating all of the moving pieces of a brainstorming session into a single point of reference. You can write directly on the Canvas to make quick notes. Pinch and zoom to visualize the entire brainstorming session, or to focus in on just a piece of it. Once you are done with a session, you can save or email your Canvas. No need to worry about losing your thoughts or ideas - your session will be there for you whenever you're ready to get back to work.
ThinkHub is available in all shapes and sizes: we offer a great deal of flexibility in this regard. ThinkHub can run on a single panel 46in touchscreen all the way up to a multipanel 15ft wall. Choose from one of our standard sizes, or work with us to customize the solution that's right for your space. Larger, custom sizes are also available.

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