Join T1V at BP Marketing's Technology Showcase Tour

Posted by T1V on September 21, 2017

Next week, our collaboration software will once again be hitting the road as part of BP Marketing's Technology Showcase Tour where you can experience the latest industry-leading technologies like never before on a fully integrated, 36-foot long exhibit trailer. ThinkHub collaboration software and ViewHub presentation software will both be on the show floor, so come ready to see how these tools can help boost productivity and improve your collaborative workflow for your team.

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Improve Meeting Productivity with ThinkHub

Posted by T1V on September 19, 2017

We've all been to the dreaded meeting that went on too long, strayed off topic, or left with more confusion than answers - perhaps even a combination of all three. When it comes to time-wasters, we've found the following are the most common culprits:

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4 Tips to Improve Collaborative Workflow

Posted by T1V on September 14, 2017

Group work is unavoidable. Even solo entrepreneurs engage in client meetings, work with consultants, or interact with customers. There's a common misconception that working with others slows productivity, but that's only the case when engaging in an inefficient workflow. Effective teamwork can jumpstart your business far faster than any one-man team. Here are four ways to improve collaboration for your team: 

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T1V Joins Mindstec's Team of AV Superheroes for InfoComm India

Posted by T1V on September 12, 2017

This year, Mindstec is rounding up leading Audio Visual solutions providers to create a team of innovative superheroes at InfoComm India, September 26-28 in Mumbai, India. Nicknamed the AV Joes, these heroes may not be tackling villains and saving damsels in distress, but they will provide you with tools to tackle workplace problems and save costs and time. From advanced meeting room technologies to presentation software, Mindstec's team has a range of solutions to help you achieve your goals.

T1V ThinkHub Collaboration Software will be there, ready to save your meetings and enhance your collaboration needs! Stop by Mindstec Booth E20 to learn more.

Interested in learning more about T1V solutions, but can't make it to InfoComm India? Check out our upcoming webinars:

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Teaching Styles are Changing. Find Technology to Support a Modern Learning Environment.

Posted by T1V on September 7, 2017

Traditionally, the line of communication was straight forward - a professor or instructor presented information to students. These days, we're seeing a more hands-on approach with students actively participating in - and contributing to - the lesson through individual and small group activities and discussions. This creates a less direct method of communication, with information flowing from the instructor to individual groups, from student to student within those groups, and then back to the classroom at large. Instead of learning from the instructor alone, knowledge is now gathered from the instructor, peers, and a student's own discoveries.

In these active learning classrooms, the traditional projector or white board isn't going to cut it. Technology to facilitate individual work, group work, small discussions, and classroom-wide seminars needs to be dynamic. It also needs to be compatible with the many different devices and platforms students use today. We've designed our collaboration solutions for educators to do just that - provide a way for students and instructors to work together to easily exchange information and ideas individually, in small groups, and in large classrooms. 

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Join Us For One of Our September Webinars

Posted by T1V on September 5, 2017

This September, we have two webinars focused on our collaboration solutions - from ThinkHub to ViewHub and AirConnect, the wireless device connectivity app, you'll gain a deeper understanding of how each of these solutions can work for you and your teams.  

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Meetings Have Changed. Here's How Your Environment Needs to Evolve.

Posted by T1V on August 31, 2017

In recent years, meetings have evolved from traditional boardroom style presentations to more flexible sessions that incorporate technology. We've identified a few key trends to keep in mind when designing meeting spaces to support modern meeting styles:

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How to Tackle the Challenges of Global Teamwork

Posted by T1V on August 29, 2017

Whether you work for a multinational organization, converse with clients around the world, or travel overseas for business, you know the reality of global teamwork. While working with teams across the globe is often highly rewarding, it doesn't come without its challenges. We've identified our top struggles of working with global teams, and ensured our collaboration solutions have the tools to address them:

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Why It's Time to Go Wireless

Posted by T1V on August 24, 2017

You might have noticed that modern collaboration spaces tend to be sleek and open. Many decision makers are starting to ditch the wires and turn to software-based solutions that eliminate the need for cables and large amounts of equipment.

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The All New T1V Product Guide is Here

Posted by T1V on August 22, 2017

We've updated our product guide to reflect our current emphasis on interactive software solutions to better connect people and ideas. From multitouch collaboration tools to presentation software, the T1V product guide includes an overview of our core solutions, product features, and additional add-on options. 

Whether you're looking for meeting room solutions, active learning tools, or remote collaboration software, the T1V Product Guide is a great starting point for anyone interested in interactive technology to enhance teamwork.

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