About T1V

Over the past decade, we’ve been in the business of interactive solutions. Learn more about our story below.

About Us

T1V is a visual collaboration company specializing in multitouch, multiuser software for enterprise and education markets. The company’s collaboration platform includes ThinkHub® multitouch collaboration, ViewHub™ wireless presentation, and AirConnect™ mobile app – all working cohesively to support a seamless, intuitive user experience for both in-room and remote participants. T1V’s suite of collaboration software represents total meeting room solutions that replace much of the hardware we equate meeting room technology with today.

T1V ThinkHub Connect™ active learning technology is designed to support a variety of teaching and learning styles, from traditional lecture to team problem-solving and group-based work. The solution also supports collaboration between students located at off-site locations and allows easy content sharing between remote locations. All T1V solutions are Built for BYOD™ (bring your own device) to support the many devices, programs, and platforms of today’s meeting and learning environments. T1V is a leading innovator in large-scale, interactive software technology, with four issued patents and two patents allowed in multitouch, multiuser software.

What Makes T1V Different?


Software-based Solutions

Less hardware = fewer points of failure, it’s just that simple. We push quarterly updates so your solutions continues to evolve in the field, making the most of your investment.


Intuitive UI/UX

We’re focused on providing a single experience across all of our products, it’s easy to use, easy to connect and share.


Flexible + Configurable

We’re Built for BYOD™ – we support the programs you already use across all major platforms. We also support a wide variety of display and accessory options.


Best-in-class Support

Our T1V Support team is at your disposal morning noon and night, serving as a single point of contact for any issues.

Our Mission

We are an interactive software company specializing in multitouch, multiuser applications for collaboration, active learning, and more. Our team is built of minds who specialize in engineering, business and technology – resulting in unrivaled support for you from start to finish. Over the past decade we’ve been focused on touch technology solutions to serve you best-in-class, one-of-a-kind, proprietary software for all of you needs.

About Us
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