Through our interactive, multitouch technologies, we foster collaboration, productivity, and creativity within your company.

We create solutions that seamlessly integrate our technology with any environment.


Streamlined communication your company deserves.

With solutions that are highly flexible and scalable, we provide your company with the tools it needs to reach maximum efficiency and productivity. By giving you the enterprise collaboration software you need to connect with customers, team members, and clients, you are able to engage, collaborate, and interact in a way that is dynamic, yet easy to use.

Enterprise Solutions

ThinkHub® for Enterprise

Take your communication to the next level with ThinkHub. ThinkHub is an interactive, multitouch tool that consolidates all the moving pieces of collaborative work in real-time. Combine the devices, applications, people, platforms, ideas, and content that are critical to your company’s progress with one solution.

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ViewHub™ for Enterprise

Bring collaboration to your workspace with ViewHub. ViewHub is a wireless presentation tool that enables users to share content from device screens onto a single display for seamless group meetings. Tap into the power of ViewHub from any device, anywhere, via laptops, tablets, smartphones, and more with the ability to share multiple device screens at the same time, no wires required. With ViewHub, presentations are enhanced and brainstorming sessions are elevated. View the same content all at once while also collaborating in real-time.

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AirConnect™ for Enterprise

Enable a consistent, seamless experience for all with AirConnect. AirConnect is a mobile application that enables wireless device sharing to ThinkHub or ViewHub from a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. In the spirit of collaboration, AirConnect is an extension of ThinkHub and ViewHub technology that supports simultaneous device streaming from macOS, iOS, Windows, Android and Linux. Through AirConnect’s two network modes, Direct Mode and World Mode, AirConnect allows devices to connect to ThinkHub and ViewHub on the same network or any network around the world.

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ThinkHub Connect™ for Enterprise

Expand your company’s training program with ThinkHub Connect. ThinkHub Connect is a hybrid of ThinkHub, ViewHub, and AirConnect technology, all working in tandem to provide instructors and trainees a way to engage with their curricular content and with each other. Designed to enhance the learning environment, ThinkHub Connect provides instructors with a powerful presentation tool, while also enabling them to monitor and provide feedback on trainee work in real-time. Utilizing AirConnect, trainees are able to connect their own devices to collaborate on group work that can also be broadcasted to the entire room.

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Interactive Video Walls and Digital Signage for Enterprise

Engage with your audience with our compilation of interactive solutions that optimize your existing content through touch-friendly applications. We make your business more engaging than ever with a fully-branded interactive experience that utilizes your existing marketing assets. From large-scale interactive timelines, geographic maps, and branded modules, our multitouch, multiuser products elevate your brand and surpass the norm.

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