Visual collaboration solutions for meeting rooms and active learning environments.

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Working at the crossroads of digital and physical, we are dedicated to all things interactive.

We are a visual collaboration software company specializing in multitouch, multiuser applications for enterprise, education, active learning, and more. Our team is built of minds who specialize in engineering, business, and technology – resulting in unrivaled support for you from start to finish. Over the past decade, we’ve been focused on touch technology solutions to serve you best-in-class, one-of-a-kind, proprietary software for all of your needs.



We took the work out of teamwork.

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Education has evolved.


The future of brand interaction.


Experience how our  visual collaboration technology transforms the way you interact in conference rooms, product development labs, and showrooms, or enhances the way your company tells its story. Connect, share, learn, and be more efficient using our intuitive, multitouch software solutions.


Learn how we have created a new innovative learning environment where instructors and students actively engage with curricular content and each other, utilizing powerful and interactive collaboration tools. Connect, engage, and grow – instructor to student, student to student, and group to group – whether in libraries, meeting rooms, training centers or the classroom.

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