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What Is ThinkHub Connect?

The active learning room technology designed to enhance the learning environment for instructors and students alike.

Evolve your education space and stay ahead of the curve.

The ThinkHub Connect solution is a hybrid of ThinkHub, ViewHub, and AirConnect technology, all working in tandem to provide instructors a powerful presentation tool, while enabling them to monitor and provide feedback on student work in real time.

How ThinkHub Connect Works

Connecting the moving pieces of the education space.

Education relies on transparency.

In addition to fostering a variety of teaching styles, ThinkHub Connect is designed to enhance the learning environment for instructors and students alike so that everyone is able to learn and grow together, instructor to student, student to student, and group to group.

  • ThinkHub stations mirror ViewHub stations in real time.
  • ThinkHub stations aggregate ViewHub station content onto ThinkHub screen.
  • Ability to annotate (annotations will be reflected on corresponding ViewHub station in real time).
  • Ability to push content to all ViewHub stations.
  • Each ViewHub station allows users to wirelessly share device screens to the ViewHub display.
  • Supports up to 4 shared device screens at 1080p resolution.
  • Supports up to 16 shared device screens at 4K resolution.
  • Supports macOS, iOS, Windows, Android and Linux devices.
  • Shows real-time feed of content being shared to the ThinkHub station.
  • Ability to annotate on ThinkHub station from anywhere in the room.
  • Ability to select ViewHub feed to display in full-screen mode on ThinkHub station.
  • Integrated Room Controls (audio, lighting, TH and VH station power).

ThinkHub Connect™ Use Cases

Brainstorming and ideation sessions

Remote learning and working sessions

Presentation creation and delivery

Interactive videoconferencing

Strategic planning

Curricular visualization and group work sessions

Classroom management

Corporate training

ThinkHub Connect™ Features

Total Connectivity

The devices and displays of all involved in the learning space are connected for seamless interaction between instructors and students.


Instructors can use ThinkHub stations as a presentation or lecture tool. They can also monitor and broadcast ThinkHub and ViewHub station activity to all students stations.


ThinkHub Connect supports all student devices. Whether you bring a macOS, iOS, Windows, Android, or Linux device, you’re ready for class.


The ThinkHub Tablet gives instructors the freedom to access and control content from anywhere in the room.

Remote Learning

ThinkHub connect engages remote instructors and students via AirConnect View and ThinkHub MultiSite for a connective education experience.


ThinkHub Connect provides the ability to control software versions across different rooms.

Real-Time Feedback

The connectivity of instructors, students, and groups allows for seamless interaction and engagement, saving time and enhancing the quality of the learning space.

For All Teaching Methods

With our software, instructors are not limited to a single style of teaching. Our software allows instructors to get as creative as possible.

ThinkHub Connect™ Benefits

Enhanced Communication and Engagement

Instructors and students are now able to actively engage with their curricular content and with each other.

  • Fosters Total Engagement
  • Students are able to connect their devices to collaborate on group work
  • Work and curricular content can be shared with the entire room
  • Remote learners are connected so they don’t miss a beat

Strengthened Group Work

By incorporating our software, group projects and their collaboration become more fluid and enhanced.

  • Instructors are able to provide real-time, immediate feedback
  • Groups are able to stream to share their work with the entire class in an instant
  • Supports a more fluid group-work environment for more easily shared participant responsibility
  • Allows for student creativity and engagement

Supports Well-Rounded Education

Students are able to learn and work together in a more globally-minded classroom from any corner of the world.

  • Seamless connection with all remote learners
  • Allows for remote students to engage with fellow students
  • Allows for remote students to be better involved in group work scenarios
  • Allows remote students to feel better connected to the instructor and curriculum

Provides Flexibility and Scalability

Faculty will no longer be bound to a physical location but have the freedom to teach from any location.

  • For both huddle rooms and expansive lecture halls
  • Instructors have the flexibility to layer on new features as needed for their classroom
  • For students physically present or across the globe
  • Allows for immediate sharing of a variety of content in the classroom

ThinkHub Connect™ Add-Ons/Differentiators

ThinkHub™ Multisite

ThinkHub™ MultiSite enables instructors to reach multiple rooms at the same time, effectively enabling them to provide the same experience to students no matter which learning room they are in.

Features/ Benefits

  • Shared network folders and content
  • Any site can utilize any display configuration
  • Two Multisite Network options – Enterprise and SMB
  • Supports up to 10 ThinkHub Multisite Locations
ThinkHub™ VideoConferencing

Videoconferencing for ThinkHub is designed to work with the systems you already have in place.

Features/ Benefits

  • Compatible with all hardware based video conferencing equipment, such as Cisco, Polycom, etc.
  • One-time setup and configuration fee
  • VideoConferencing Add-On is available for ThinkHub and ThinkHub Multisite
  • Option for built-in videoconferencing technology
Software As A Service

ThinkHub has an annual license and support fee ThinkHub does not charge per user; licenses are available by ThinkHub device.

Features/ Benefits

  • ThinkHub does not charge per user
  • ThinkHub offers a range of storage options like Local, Embedded hard drive, Enterprise Network, and the Cloud
  • Software is compatible with top touchscreen manufacturers
  • T1V support comes with all solutions
Additional Options

We are able to dynamically configure classrooms and customize them for multiple uses. There are a variety of additional options available upon request.

Features/ Benefits

  • Cloud-based storage or Hardline inputs – 4 per device
  • ADA support and Multilingual capabilities
  • Crestron/AMX control configuration
  • Meeting Room Analytics

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