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Whether outfitting a classroom, meeting room, auditorium, or huddle space, our software-based solutions replace antiquated hardware and continuously evolve with your organization’s needs. Designed to take the work out of teamwork, our multitouch, multiuser solutions make collaboration a breeze.

Collaboration Solutions

Consolidate all the moving pieces of teamwork – devices, applications, people, ideas, and content critical to achieving great work, all at your fingertips.

Share content from device screens onto a single display for seamless group meetings. Share multiple devices onto one screen, no wires required.

Share your device from anywhere to any ThinkHub or ViewHub – no mess, no wires, easy-to-use connectivity all in one place.

How Do We Unify Your Communication?

Support Agile Improvement

Participants are now able to actively engage with the shared content and with each other through big room planning, process flow visualization, and more, facilitating work from team to team with ease.

Improved Collaborative Workflow

By incorporating our software, group projects and their collaboration become more fluid and enhanced with our visualization software.

Supports Remote and Global Teams

Individuals are able to work together in a more globally-minded workspace from any corner of the world with real-time, room to room collaboration in any timezone.

Make Presentations More Effective

With our interactive toolset, participants can engage with and annotate content that is also shared with the entire room.

More Efficient Meetings

Our collaboration software reduces wasted time on setup and follow-up by offering seamless communication before, during, and after any meeting.

Reduces Cost of Room Equipment and Maintenance

We reduce the cost of both equipment and maintenance with one solution that suits many needs and ongoing software updates to ensure constant improvements.

What Is ThinkHub®?

ThinkHub is an interactive, multitouch visualization tool that consolidates all the moving pieces of collaborative work. Combine the devices, applications, people, ideas, and content that are critical to your company’s progress with one solution. Through our annotation toolset, you are able to note, organize, and share your work with one another. Whether working within your network or with a team remotely, you are able to work together and collaborate in real-time, keeping everyone on the same page.

ThinkHub® Features

Interactive Canvas

Annotation Toolset

Easy Content Sharing

BYOD Device Connectivity

MultiSite Remote Collaboration

Videoconferencing Integration


Single Display or MultiPanel Configurations

What Is ViewHub™?

ViewHub is a wireless presentation tool that enables users to share content from device screens onto a single display for seamless group meetings. Ideal for for presentations, projects, or meetings that require teams to view multiple pieces of content at once, ViewHub allows you to interact from any device, anywhere, via laptops, tablets, and smartphones. View the same content all at once while also collaborating in real-time, wirelessly.

ViewHub™ Features

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Wireless Device Sharing

Simultaneous Streaming

Centralized Control

Single Panel or MultiPanel Wall Options

What Is AirConnect™?

AirConnect is a mobile application that enables wireless device sharing to ThinkHub or ViewHub from a laptop, tablet or smartphone. In the spirit of collaboration, AirConnect maintains ThinkHub and ViewHub’s touch-control technology while supporting simultaneous device streaming between macOS, iOS, Windows, Android and Linux. This mirroring technology allows the user to share anything on their screen to a window on the ThinkHub Canvas, or directly to ViewHub from networks around the world.

AirConnect™ Features

Singular UX

AirConnect Access™

AirConnect Files™

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Wireless Device Sharing

Which Is Right For Me?

Determining the best collaboration solution for your classroom or workspace can be difficult, but we’re here to make it as easy as possible. Through this chart you are able to better determine what solution will best fit your needs.

ROI Calculator

Time is money, and our products are built to save you both. If your teams are negatively impacted by costly hardware replacements, lost time due to poor productivity, plagued by inefficient presentation materials, or experience shortcoming in your collaboration space, see how much you can save when you work with T1V by using our ROI Calculator.


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