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What Is AirConnect?

The mobile app that enables users to share content to ThinkHub and ViewHub.


Collaboration relies on a strong connection.

AirConnect is software that enables a consistent, seamless experience for all. Available as a free download to all ThinkHub and ViewHub customers, AirConnect is a mobile application that enables wireless device screen sharing to any of our wireless presentation software from a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

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How AirConnect Works

Connecting the moving pieces of teamwork.

Enhance your quality of work by staying connected.

In the spirit of collaboration, AirConnect maintains ThinkHub and ViewHub’s touch-control technology while supporting simultaneous device streaming between macOS, iOS, Windows, Android and Linux on the ThinkHub Canvas or directly to ViewHub. Through AirConnect’s two Network Modes, Direct Mode and World Mode, AirConnect is also able to allow devices to connect to ThinkHub and ViewHub on the same network or networks around the world.


AirConnect Features


Singular UX

AirConnect provides a seamless and consistent user experience to all ThinkHub and ViewHub users. So whether deploying one room or 100, using ThinkHub or ViewHub, participants will use a single app to connect and share their devices.


AirConnect Files™

AirConnect Files™ enables users to transfer files to and from the ThinkHub Canvas from the convenience of their AirConnect app. Users are also able to download a PDF of the ThinkHub Canvas.


Intuitive UI

Regardless of the amount of people who need to access ThinkHub or ViewHub with AirConnect, everyone is using the same, easy-to-understand software. This means one program to learn with little to zero training required.


Two Network Modes

In this day and age, those working together aren’t always on the same network. That’s why AirConnect has Direct Mode, for inter-network collaboration, and World Mode, for when Direct Mode is not possible. World Mode allows devices to connect to ThinkHub and ViewHub from any network in the world.


AirConnect Access™

AirConnect Access™ allows all users, physically present or remote, to view, control, or virtually point on the ThinkHub Canvas. These controls make remote participants feel as ‘in-room’ as ever.



TouchControl™ allows users to control all laptops and devices from the ThinkHub touchscreen – wirelessly or wired.


Wireless Device Sharing

Regardless of an individual’s device, AirConnect supports macOS, iOS, Windows, Android, and Linux.


Simultaneous Streaming

With AirConnect, individuals can stream multiple devices to ThinkHub and ViewHub.

AirConnect Benefits

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Friendly

AirConnect is designed to support any device across all major platforms (Mac OS, iOS, Windows, Android, Linux).

  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones
  • And more

Dependable Streaming

Collaboration efforts only work when everyone maintains a strong connection. That's why AirConnect provides stable connections and a consistent user experience.

  • AirConnect’s UI format stays the same from device to device
  • Allows for multiple individuals streaming from any device
  • Allows everyone, physical or remote, to participate
  • Supports a variety of devices

Enhances Collaboration

With AirConnect, collaboration and communication are taken to the next level through maintaining connectivity.

  • Share content immediately
  • Keep everyone on the same page, regardless of their physical location
  • Allows collaboration on Direct or World Network Modes
  • Allows for videoconferencing if necessary

Scalable And Flexible

Whether you’re connecting with a small team, or you need to expand to other networks, AirConnect is highly scalable.

  • Unlimited user licenses – enable guests, customers, or anyone else to connect with and participate in ThinkHub and ViewHub sessions
  • Scales instantly for immediate device sharing
  • Software is flexible based on the needs of those using it for collaboration
  • Connects immediately between a variety of networks
  • Software-based system means no physical cap on the number of participants who can join
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