Our interactive touchscreen technology transforms traditional office settings into collaborative work environments that boost productivity and creativity amongst teams. Whether you are designing a new conference room, product development lab, product showroom, or simply want a better way to tell your company's story - we offer a variety of corporate solutions utilizing the best in touchscreen technology. 

Teams can connect, share, and learn using an intuitive, multitouch user interface. Meetings become more efficient, information is highly accessible, and presentations are engaging. 

Some of our more popular corporate products include:

  • T1V Interactive Walls - Single and Multipanel touchscreens
  • T1V Multitouch Software
    • ThinkHub
    • Interactive Timeline
    • World Map
    • Standard Software Package: Presentation Viewer, Media Viewer, Web Browser, Digital Whiteboard
  • Interactive Touchscreen Conference Tables
  • Interactive Touchscreen Collaboration Tables
  • T1V Digital Signage for lobbies and outdoor usage


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  • T1V_HKS_Interactive_Wall.jpg
  • T1V_Interactive_Wall_DIRTT_2.jpg
  • T1V_SAP_Collaboration_Table_Touchscreen.jpg
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  • ThinkHub enterprise software for collaboration

    ThinkHubâ„¢: the BYOD (bring your own device) brainstorming app that allows multiple users to ideate, visualize, and problem solve. By consolidating all information on a large-format touchscreen, ThinkHub transforms traditional meetings into more proactive, effective sessions that drive conversations, positively impact performance levels, and that physically alter the workspace.

  • T1V Interactive Wall for SAP

    SAP Executive Briefing Center in Newtown Square, PA. The 6-Panel Interactive Wall houses over 2,000 customer stories featuring images, videos, and text. The touchscreen interface is multitouch, multiuser, multiapplication - meaning customers can dictate which content they want to see, and acces different features on the Wall simultaneously. T1V's custom software application pulls data directly from SAP's existing database to the interactive Wall - keeping content fresh, always synchronized, and requiring no additional upkeep from SAP.

  • T1V Interactive Map - multitouch software

    T1V Interactive Map. This multitouch, multiuser software module allows users to pinch and zoom on a World Map. Pins feature company projects and locations, accompanied with images, videos, and text to explain the scope of the project.

  • T1V Interactive Conference Table
    T1V Interactive Conference Table

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