How Your Operations Team Can Increase Efficiency Through Collaboration

ThinkHub has the power to simplify your everyday tasks, making teamwork easier than ever. We want to make sure every team benefits from our unique collaborative tools, so we’ve created the series, 10 corporate teams that can benefit from ThinkHub.

Last month, we discussed how to enhance your marketing campaigns with collaboration technology. Today, we’ll focus on how your team can use ThinkHub to improve operations at your company and increase efficiency through better communication, workflow, and logistics.


Improve Operational Communication

A successful and efficient operational team must fluidly manage things like project timelines, budgets, KPIs, meetings, and more. They also must be able to manage and effectively communicate anything from company policies, SOPs, general updates, and more – at any time, to any employee. Without the right software to support your team, it’s easy for critical communication to get lost, misinterpreted, or stuck in a back and forth cycle that wastes everyone’s time. This is even more challenging for companies who have offices in multiple locations and time zones. From small brainstorming sessions to company-wide presentations, ThinkHub can help your operations team manage your company more seamlessly.

ThinkHub improves communication between teams of any size. No matter if there are ten employees or 1,000, this technology will create a logistically-sound communication experience in your organization so you can complete every project knowing that everyone is on the same page. ThinkHub, ViewHub, and AirConnect work together to enhance operational efficiency by reducing meeting time and allowing for more seamless communication between remote departments and employees. The sharing features in the software also allow your team to instantly share files such as operational procedures and company-wide presentations, to help save time and resources.


Create Meeting Spaces That Reimagine Operational Logistics

Let’s face it – sometimes meetings are necessary, but they can also be expensive and time consuming. Regardless of your company’s size, it’s always important for meetings to be informational, to the point, and worthy of participants’ time. When you need a quality meeting management system to host anything from a routine meeting to an impromptu huddle session, consider how ThinkHub, ViewHub, and AirConnect work together to involve all participants, regardless of their device. Our software also reduces travel and meeting time, by fostering an effective communication space for employees regardless of location. Not only does our software help you host faster, more efficient meetings that generate more productive employees, but it allows your team to share changes to operational procedures across all sites and locations for company-wide presentations, which also helps save time and resources.

Streamline Training and Improve Operational Efficiency

A company is only as good as its employees, and an operational team is only as strong as its software. One of the key components to maintaining a strong company is nurturing and training quality employees. The days of training employees with nothing more than a paper manual are gone. Companies need immersive software and technology that helps create an in-depth training experience that supports effective learning and reduces training time, resulting in higher-quality employees. This day and age, everything can be done on-the-go – with the right software, training is no exception.

When it comes to employee training, ThinkHub, ViewHub, and AirConnect work together to provide you and your team with the best tools and resources available. The ability to connect unlimited devices and content provides the opportunity for better training experiences in your organization. From training exercises to videos and other high-quality content, ThinkHub serves as a tool for your team members to gain the knowledge they need so that they can become more efficient and knowledgeable. You’re even able to provide these same connective training tools for new employees in other offices, saving travel time for the operations team. Overall, ThinkHub improves the efficiency of your operations team through streamlined communication, improved logistics, and revolutionary training methods.

Interested in learning more about how we can improve operations efforts and benefit your company as a whole? Download the ThinkHub brochure to start improving workplace collaboration today.

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