Introducing AirConnect Files™ for Seamless File Sharing

Just last week we released our quarterly update for ThinkHub collaboration software, which includes a whole new host of features for AirConnect. AirConnect is the mobile companion app to our other collaboration solutions – ThinkHub, ViewHub, and ThinkHub Connect. It’s the platform-agnostic wireless connection software that allows users to share their individual device screen to ThinkHub or ViewHub.

Part of the ThinkHub 4.2 update, AirConnect Files introduces the ability to exchange files between your individual device and the ThinkHub Canvas. You can now share to and download from the Canvas with the AirConnect app. This functionality includes the exchange of Canvas notes, website URLs, and media files.

AirConnect Files


Users can create a note from the convenience of their device and send to the ThinkHub Canvas. Once shared to the Canvas, in-room participants can edit your notes – opting to change background colors to categorize ideas, changing the actual copy, or annotating on top of the note. This feature was designed for agile development and big room planning, and serves both in-room and remote participants who want to get their ideas to the Canvas with ease.


Within AirConnect, users can enter a URL to send to the ThinkHub Canvas. ThinkHub will then launch a Web Browser window with that URL. This is handy for lengthy URLs, or for any remote participants who want their team to view particular web content.


Users can send any media file (image, video, PDF) to the ThinkHub Canvas. Simply select a single file from the AirConnect window, drag and drop files into your AirConnect window, or drag and drop into the AirConnect Canvas view to share to the ThinkHub Canvas.

Similarly, users can download any media file from the Canvas to their device – making the exchange of files between team members and remote participants more seamless than ever. From the Airconnect app, right click on any media file (image, video, PDF) to download to your device. This includes snapshots, so you can download image copies of notes, sketches, and web browsers, too. AirConnect Files retains the original media file size and resolution; download times vary based on the Internet connection.

Interested in learning more about AirConnect Files and other new features in ThinkHub 4.2? Join us for our upcoming Webinar on ThinkHub 4.2.

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