ThinkHub Agile Use Case: Daily Stand-Up

ThinkHub Agile - an extension of T1V’s core collaboration solution, ThinkHub - was created specifically for lean-agile teams.  

By digitally transforming the Agile process, ThinkHub Agile is extremely useful for the many organizations who are still using physical sticky notes for big room planning and other Agile ceremonies.

One of the standard use cases for ThinkHub Agile is for a daily stand-up meeting. Within Agile methodology, a daily stand-up meeting is a short organizational meeting that is held each day.


The meeting, generally limited to between five and fifteen minutes long, is sometimes referred to as a stand-up, a morning roll-call or a daily scrum.

During the daily scrum, the team goes around the room to share daily progress and updates.

The team is able to use the ThinkHub Agile board to quickly brainstorm around hurdles and challenges outlined by team members.

ThinkHub Agile has built-in tools that enable the team to visualize and align content, create and group content, and create notes with key ideas and action items.


Third party integration with system of record software like JIRA and CA Rally make it so that users can import and export ThinkHub Agile sessions directly. 

This third party integration, as well as AirConnect VC, makes it extremely easy for remote teams to work together with in-room participants - and communicate together in real-time. 

Any participant, whether remote or in-room can participate in the ThinkHub Agile meeting by sending digital sticky notes to the Canvas from the display or from a connected mobile device. 

Now, team members can participate in the Agile daily stand-up meeting from anywhere in the world.  Sessions can be saved and resumed at any time, making the entire Agile process that much more efficient and effective. 

Watch the video to understand how to utilize ThinkHub Agile for a daily stand-up meeting.

Watch the Video