ThinkHub xCanvas Demo Video: Touch + Non-touch Video Walls with BYOD Tablet

Today’s meetings, presentations and training sessions involve more visual data and content than ever. 

With ThinkHub xCanvas, teams working with large amounts of content - including images, graphs, reports, videos, notes and more - can utilize multiple displays within a room to visualize their work. 

ThinkHub xCanvas is an add-on feature to ThinkHub collaboration software that extends the ThinkHub interactive Canvas experience beyond a single display to multiple displays in a meeting room, executive briefing center or huddle space. 

ThinkHub xCanvas can support up to three 4K displays or 12 1080p displays, either touch or non-touch.

There are multiple ways to control ThinkHub xCanvas. If your displays are touch, you can drag and drop the content from one display to another directly with the touch control on the screen. 

The flexibility of ThinkHub xCanvas also allows you to easily control one or multiple non-touch displays. For example, you can use a dedicated in-room control display to access non-touch video walls. 

Or, if you have both touch and non-touch video walls, one way to drive the solution is through a BYOD tablet.


Using AirConnect, ThinkHub’s mobile companion app, meeting participants can control their ThinkHub xCanvas from the convenience of their smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

No special equipment or remote control is required to drive the xCanvas. AirConnect is platform agnostic, and allows participants to view the xCanvas, control the xCanvas, wirelessly mirror their device screen, and even send media files and notes to the xCanvas. 

Watch T1V CTO Jim Morris demo ThinkHub xCanvas on touch and non-touch video walls with a BYOD tablet.

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