How to Improve Your Sales Team’s Performance Through Collaboration Tools

ThinkHub® collaboration software is a powerful tool that makes working together easier. To help your department key in on how ThinkHub will best serve your team, we’ve created a series on 10 corporate teams that can benefit from ThinkHub.

We’ve shared our tips on how ThinkHub can help your operations team to increase efficiency, your marketing team to enhance campaigns, and your human resources department to boost communication. This week, we’ll look at how your sales team can use ThinkHub to improve sales techniques, formulate better sales strategies, and more.

Close More Business Through Immersive Presentations

When it comes to giving a presentation, often the best way to communicate a product’s effectiveness is through an immersive experience. This not only helps validate your sales team’s claims, but it also creates trust with the prospective clients because they can easily see and understand what your sales team is selling.

ThinkHub allows your sales to team to showcase images and other content, like videos or PDFs, on a HD or 4K interactive Canvas. Your sales team can also invite prospects to interact with content provided by the ThinkHub for a more engaging experience.

Stand Out From the Competition Through Comparisons

Every business has at least one or two competitors. When it comes to making a decision on one company over the other, the process can be daunting and at times overwhelming for your prospective client. The more prospects your client sees, the greater chance for the pros and cons of each potential candidate overlapping or becoming confounding. This will do nothing to help your sales team or your latest prospect.

The beauty of ThinkHub lies within its fluidity and ease of use. During your next sales meeting, use ThinkHub to highlight features and benefits of your products while comparing products and competitors side by side. Being able to communicate in this way in your next sales meeting will help make your presentation and product easier to understand, which will only help your prospects better absorb what you have to offer.

Stay Ahead of Competition by Increasing Internal Organization

One thing that can set any sales meeting back is disorganization and unpreparedness. This is not only a poor reflection of your sales team, but also the product they are trying to sell. This can ultimately derail the meeting and cost you a customer. If your presentation is clean, organized, and to the point, that reflects positively on your business.

ThinkHub is the perfect product education tool that allows you to present sales decks with ease while keeping presentations organized for a seamless display of your product or business.

Reduce Your Sales Team’s Travel Time and Expenses

Gone are the days of coordinating the shipment of traditional demo equipment or spending countless dollars on traveling to sales meetings. With our software, your sales team now has more freedom when it comes to the shipment, set up, and demonstration portion of any sales meeting. Following the theme of a seamless presentation, ThinkHub’s BYOD (bring your own device) capabilities also allow for reduced expenses on travel and shipping compared to traditional demo equipment.

Interested in learning more about how we can improve your sales efforts and benefit your collaboration as a whole? Download the ThinkHub brochure to start improving workplace collaboration today.

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